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Prevent U.S. Bombing of Iran - Call Your Senators Today
March 28, 2007


Some of you may have seen reports coming out of Russia, and
today in the U.S. press, to the effect that U.S. forces are now in
position to deliver devastating aerial attacks, including tactical
nuclear attacks, against Iran and its nuclear infrastructure.

With a second U.S. aircraft carrier now in the Persian Gulf,
this is the largest U.S. force assembled there since the invasion of
Iraq. Some reports indicate that the date for the U.S. attack –
April 4 – has been set, while others state that a decision to attack
has yet to be made, but that everything is in place should President
Bush give the order for attack.

I was in touch with Senators Kennedy' and Kerry's staff
yesterday, urging that they speak out publicly and powerfully to
warn of the possible attack and its catastrophic and self-defeating
consequences. Senator Kerry's office informs me that they are
supporting an amendment being introduced by Senator Webb of Virginia
which essentially reintroduces language stripped from the House
supplemental funding bill that would require the President to obtain
Congressional authorization before he could order an attack against
Iran. Senator Kennedy's office seems open to supporting the
amendment, but is not yet there.

I have appended a report on the dangers of a possible U.S.
attack against Iran. Please circulate this as widely as you can.
Please phone your Senator as soon as possible to urge that he or she

1) vote for the Webb Amendment
2) speak out publicly to warn of the dangers of a preemptive
war against Iran and to warn the Bush Administration that lying its
way into war, a la the Tonkin Gulf Resolution and the nonexistent
Iraqi weapons of mass destruction will be received as an impeachable

Contact information for your Senator can be found at
Please do what you can to prevent this possible catastrophe.

Joseph Gerson
American Friends Service Committee
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