[act-ma] 4/25 Ralph Nader @ Harvard Bookstore (Wed -- at noon!)

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Sun Apr 22 20:41:55 PDT 2007

RALPH NADER signs "The Seventeen Traditions"
Harvard Book Store is proud to welcome former presidential candidate Ralph 
Nader as he signs his
newest book The Seventeen Traditions.

  Please note that this event is a Signing Only and he will only be signing 
copies of The Seventeen

Event Information
DATE: Wednesday, April 25th
TIME: 12:00 PM
LOCATION: Harvard Book Store
1256 Massachusetts Avenue
TICKETS: This event is free; no tickets are required


[Nota bene: This is a booksigning only. Nevertheless, Ralph has indicated he 
will have
  some time to chat with those who are purchasing books. The book lists at 
  well worth it with Ralph's signature! JW]

   "My boyhood in a small town in Connecticut was shaped by my family, my 
friends, our neighbors, my chores and hobbies, the town's culture and 
environment, its schools, libraries, factories, and businesses, their 
workers, and by storms that came from nowhere to disrupt everything. . . . 
Yet childhood in any family is a mysterious experience. . . . What shapes 
the mind, the personality, the character?"

So begins this unexpected and extraordinary book by Nader. Known for his 
lifetime of selfless activism, Nader now looks back to the earliest days of 
his own life, to his serene and enriching childhood in bucolic Winsted, 
Connecticut. From listening to learning, from patriotism to argument, from 
work to simple enjoyment, Nader revisits seventeen key traditions he 
absorbed from his parents, his siblings, and the people in his community, 
and draws from them inspiring lessons for today's society. Warmly human, 
rich with sensory memories and lasting wisdom, it offers a kind of 
modern-day parable of how we grow from children into responsible adults—a 
reminder of a time when nature and community were central to the way we all 
learned and lived.

Please note that this event is a Signing Only and he will only be signing 
copies of The Seventeen Traditions.

  Ralph Nader was recently named by the Atlantic as one of the 100 most 
influential figures in American history, one of only four living people to 
be so honored. The son of immigrants from Lebanon, he has launched two major 
presidential campaigns and founded or organized more than one hundred civic 
organizations. His groups have made an impact on tax reform, atomic power 
regulation, the tobacco industry, clean air and water, food safety, access 
to health care, civil rights, congressional ethics, and much more.

Jayson Zeeman
617.661.1424 ext 1
jzeeman at harvard.com

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