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The Gleaners and I
Free Screening

Wednesday, April 25

The film tracks a series of gleaners as they hunt for
food, knicknacks, and personal connection. Varda
travels French countryside and city to find and film
not only field gleaners, but also urban gleaners and
those connected to gleaners, including a wealthy
restaurant owner whose ancestors were gleaners. The
film spends time capturing the many aspects of
gleaning and the many people who glean to survive. It
touches on things such as the teacher named Alain who
is an urban gleaner who has a master's degree. He
teaches immigrants. Varda's other subjects include
artists who incorporate recycled materials into their
work, symbols she discovers during her filming
(including a clock without hands and a heart-shaped
potato), and the French law regarding gleaning.

82 min. 2000.

Radical Film Night at the Lucy Parsons Center
Every Wednesday night at 7pm
Always Free

Upcoming Films:

May 2 - Manufactured Landscapes

Edward Burtynsky is internationally acclaimed for his
large-scale photographs of nature transformed by
industry.  Manufactured Landscapes – a stunning
documentary by award winning director Jennifer
Baichwal – follows Burtynsky to China, as he captures
the effects of the country’s massive industrial
revolution. This remarkable film leads us to meditate
on human endeavour and its impact on the planet.

90 min. 2006.

May 9 - Nomads and No-Zones

Drawn from the raw material of their drifts and
detours, here's an album of radical diaries and
personal documentaries from two of the West's bravest
makers. Gritty glimpses of edgy experience in
marginalized cultures, their authentic film stories
afford rare access and insight into the lived poetry
of a dozen-plus autonomous zones.

A road-savvy Snider freight-hops her way up and down
the Coast, tracking from Frisco punk rockers to
apocalyptic messengers of the Sonoran desert, gambling
and engaging with the losers and visionaries that she
meets along the way. Criss-crossing her paths are the
barefoot pilgrimages of Portand-based Renwick, whose
wise eye and wild heart celebrate the secret meanings
of animals and humble things, the agonies and
ecstasies of outsider life.

91 min. 2004.

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