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       Saturday fast-action politics amid the regular national crises

Saturday, May 5, 11 am - 1 pm on 90.3 FM in Greater Boston (stream link below)

BioJustice / War with Iran / Flanders on Dems. / Monbiot on climate change

BioJustice 2007--the counter-convention today to the BioTech industry group's
Boston conference this week. Events at BioJustice2007.org

- Klair Allen joins us live. 
With Safety Net, she resists the Bio Lab to be built by BU for its danger to 
the surrounding community in Boston. Why not build the new Bio Lab in swank 
Weston, Mass.? 
- Also, Farjana Akter joins us live.
She's with VOICE, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who advocate for community in issues of
globalization, trade and agriculture. She founded the project "Resist Corporate
Control Over Seed and Food" 
- Also, Logan Perkins
She's with Protect Maine Farmers, an effort to ensure farmers Maine's farmers 
are not harmed by contamination from genetically modified organisms. 

Preventing war with Iran 

- Fatemeh Keshavarz joins us live.
Her new book on Iran is "Stars and Jasmine: Reading More Than Lolita in Tehran"
She'll speak in Boston at an event also featuring Noam Chomsky. That's Tuesday,
May 8, 7:30 p.m. at MIT Building 26, Room 100, enter at 77 Massachusetts 
Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Who are the Democrats who might take back the party for the people?

- Laura Flanders joins us live, discussing her new book "Blue Grit: true 
Democrats take back politics from the politicians"

Reducing global climate change? Who, us? Do Congress' efforts (and the UN's) go
far enough? Why not?

- George Monbiot joins us live, discussing his new book "Heat: how to stop the
planet from burning"

All happening Saturday, May 5, live 11 a.m. - 1 pm. EDT
On 90.3 FM WZBC heard throughout Greater Boston
Web streams linked from http://www.wzbc.org/listen.html

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