[act-ma] 6/2 Oppose Bosses' Immigration Reform - Legalization Now!

Boston Militant Labor Forum bostonmlf at yahoo.com
Mon May 28 18:14:09 PDT 2007

The Militant Labor Forum presents:
  Oppose the Bosses’ Immigration Reform!  Legalization
Now! End the Raids and Deportations!       

Speaker: William Estrada, SWP candidate for Boston
City Council at large, others to be announced
  Saturday, June 2, 5:00 pm
  Militant Labor Forum Hall
  13 Bennington Street, 2nd Floor, East Boston
  Working people should oppose the new immigration
bill introduced in the Senate. Like earlier proposals,
it serves the interests of the bosses. While offering
legal status to some under heavy restrictions, it is
designed to keep millions as outlaws to maintain a
permanent pool of superexploited labor.
  This measure is designed to increase competition for
jobs, drive down wages for all, and promote the false
argument that immigrants—not the capitalists and their
profit system—are responsible for unemployment and
declining living standards.
  The bill would establish a national ID card with a
database of photos and other "biometric" information,
such as fingerprints, on all newly hired workers. The
bosses and their political police will eventually use
such an ID to victimize worker militants.
  Come to this week’s Militant Labor Forum to discuss
why working people must demand permanent residence for
all undocumented immigrants now, with no strings
attached, and an end to immigration raids and
  Suggested donation: $5  Traducción inglés-español /
   For more information: 617-569-9169 or email
bostonmlf at yahoo.com
  Visit themilitant.com and pathfinderpress.com
websites for news, analysis, books, and pamphlets.
  Directions: T Blue Line to Maverick Station, bus or
walk 5 blocks down Meridian to Bennington at Liberty

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