[act-ma] 6/6: Blood Of The Earthworm (WED)

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Tue Jun 5 13:06:54 PDT 2007

Blood Of The Earthworm
Free Screening

Wednesday, June 6

An anti-climactic barrage of original footage and
unoriginal extractions from horror, science fiction,
and educational films, all of which feature
contemporary maladies of civilization, such as
ecological devastation, bio-terrorism, consumerism,
and government conspiracy, in their story or subtext. 

Directed by Brittany Gravely
US 2006, 16mm, color, 32 min.

Upcoming Films:

June 13: Punk Can Take It

Directed by Julien Temple (ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS, EARTH
GIRLS ARE EASY), this punk rock documentary from 1979
is shot as a parody of wartime documentary films.
Immortalizing the punk rock spirit on celluloid,
Temple infuses his film with a genuine sense of anger
prevalent in the U.K. at the time. Centering the film
around the experiences of the U.K. Subs proves to be a
masterstroke, offering all the gritty realism of life
in Britain at the tail end of the 70s.

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