[act-ma] Friday 6/29 Dinner and Forum - Guantanamo and the fight to defend democratic rights

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Mon Jun 25 16:15:11 PDT 2007

  The Militant Labor Forum Presents:

  Military Tribunals, CIA Spying: The Stakes for
Working People in Defending Unconditionally Democratic

  Friday, June 29 Dinner 6:30 PM. Program 7:30 PM
  Militant Labor Forum Hall, 13 Bennington St 2nd
Floor, East Boston
  Speaker: Ted Leonard, Socialist Workers Party

  The ruling class debate over how to handle the
trials of some of the 500 detainees held for close to
five years at Guantanamo is again in the news.
         Does the President of the United States have
the legal right to declare anyone he pleases,
including US citizens, enemy combatants? Can so-called
enemy combatants be held without recourse to legal
representation and denied due process as guaranteed by
US law – such as access to all the evidence to be used
against them?
         Bourgeois commentators and politicians debate
these questions from their class standpoint – trying
to minimize the damage done to the United States’
image abroad by such violations of it’s own laws.
  Working people have a much different stake in the
outcome of government’s attempt to codify through
practice new powers to restrict and narrow our
movement and activities. As discussion in the press of
soon-to-be-declassified CIA documents reveals, that
spy agency used some of the same methods that it uses
abroad to spy on, and disrupt the activities of,
groups and individuals in the US – even though the law
specifically forbids it to carry out any spying
activities in the US.
         Come discuss why working people have a stake
in defending and expanding democratic rights for all.
  Suggested Donation: $5 Dinner, $5 \Program
  For more information call 617-569-9169 or email
bostonmlf at yahoo.com
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  T Blue line to Maverick Station, bus or walk 5
blocks down Meridian to Bennington at Liberty Plaza

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