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 From elisabeth leonard <elisa_02128 at yahoo.com> at UJP

Boston, in Washington and around the country we will demand an end to 
torture, the closing of Guantanamo, the restoration of habeas corpus and 
fundamental freedoms.From the ACLU office we will proceed to the JFK 
Building. If you can arrive at noon and want to wear an orange jump 
suit, email jmargolis at earthlink.net <mailto:jmargolis at earthlink.net> or 
call 617/482-3170x314. Send email to BCorr at ACLUM.org 
<mailto:BCorr at ACLUM.org> for additionalinformation. Other Contact 
Information: Nancy Murray: 617/482-3170x314.
*Assemble outside the ACLU office at 12:30 (211 Congress at High in 
Boston)* More details... 

*Jun 27 AN AMERICAN DREAM FOR NEW BEDFORD - an evening with Jimmy 
Tingle* This is a benefit for the families affected by the March 6 
Immigration Raid. Tickets are $40and can be bought online. Information 
and ticket sales: http://www.joffbroadway.com.
*255 Elm St, Davis Square* More details... 

*Jun 27, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM WELCOME TO THE TERRORDOME: The Pain, the 
Politics, and Promise of Sports* At the intersection of sports and 
politics...You'll find heroes. You'll find villains. You'll find 
oppression. You'll find protest. You'll find a platform. AND YOU'LL FIND 
DAVE ZINN. "Welcome to the Terrordome is the sports primer of our time" 
Robert Lipsyte, New York Times.Dace Zinn is the author of the widely 
acclaimed book What's My Name, Fool? and writes the weekly column "Edge 
of Sports" (edgeofsports.com) He writes a regular column for the Nation 
and Slam magazine, and has appeared as a sports commentator on ESPN TV 
and radio, CBNC, WNBC< Deocracy Now!, Air America, Radio Nation and 
Pacifica! Send email to keithmr81 at yahoo.com <mailto:keithmr81 at yahoo.com> 
for additionalinformation.
*Brookline Booksmith, 279 Harvard St. Boston* More details... 

*Jun 27 - Jul 1, 8:00 PM - 2:00 PM RFK/ A Portrait of Robert F. Kennedy, 
written and performed by Jack Holmes* "RFK" hurtles through the theater 
with surprising force! Holmes gives Star-making turns as both writer and 
performer. Sophisticated, Spellbinding work! So says Variety. This piece 
follows the footsteps and transformation of one of America's most 
dynamic and tragic figures. Nominated in 2006 for the Off Broadway Drama 
League and Outer Critics Circle awards, RFK engulfed New York audiences 
last season and now is planning to entertain Boston thru the summer. It 
plays Wed, Thursday, Friday at 8 p.m. On Sat. playtime is at 2 and 8 
p.m; Sunday, at 2 pm. For tickets call 800-447/7400 or visit 
Telecharge.com today. Groups 10+ call 617/426-4499 ext 25. Other Contact 
Information: 800/426-4499.
*Stuart St. Playhouse, 200 Stuart St at the Radisson Hotel, Boston* More 

Up For Democracy and Let Your Voice Be Heard!!! Bush will be speaking at 
the Naval War College in Newport. Because there will be no public access 
to the naval base, gathering at the rotary area will be close to the 
main entrance of the base. This is planned to be a peaceful and 
nonviolent protest. Rally monitors will be on site to maintain order and 
handle any communication with the authorities. There are no plans for 
civil disobedience at the rally. If access to Walmart is blocked, we 
will gather at the Gateway Visitors Center in Newport and select another 
rally location. All the press have been contacted and are expected to be 
at the event. This is probably the last visit that George Bush will make 
to RI. It is important for as many people as possible to demonstrate 
their opposition to the President and to his disastrous course of action 
in Iraq. Send email to mcstahl3 at cox.net <mailto:mcstahl3 at cox.net> for 
*Gather at Walmart, proceed to rally site near the rotary on Connell 
Highway near* More details... 

*Jun 29, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM HIBAKUSHA, OUR LIFE TO LIVE IN 
2007:*-Hiroshima-Nagasaki film fund raiser Please attend a fascinating 
evening of dynamic speakers, music and poetry - or make a kind donation 
to a mutual cause. David Rothauser of Memory Productions is producing a 
one hour documentary film about the life stories of Japanese, Korean, 
Chinese and American survivors of the Atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima 
and Nagasaki in 1945.There is an urgency here as the survivors 
(hibakusha) are dying off, victums of radiation poisoning and other 
a-bomb related diseases. We feel it is equally important to tell the 
stories on film of people who should never be forgotten. To keep their 
memory alive is to make an active contribution to a world where peoples 
of all races may embrace life as a precious gift and no longer live in 
the fear of nuclear annihilation. Speakers: Andrea Leblanc from 9/11 
Families for Peaceful Tomorrows and Dot Walsh from the Peace Abbey. 
Music: Takao Shinzawa.

For more information, visit http://www.memoryproductions.org 
<http://www.memoryproductions.org/>. Other Contact Information: 617232-4150.
*Community Church of Boston, 565 Boylston St., Copley Square* More 

*Jul 1, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Citizens Summit and Protest March when Bush 
Meets Putin* This event is still on the UJP Web page but here are more 
details: The following will be speaking at the beginning of the march in 
front of the Captain Lord Mansion on the Village Green, Ocean Ave.: 
David Swanson, founder of After Downing Street" and attorney John 
Kaminski, president of Maine Lawyers for Democracy as well as Melida and 
Carlos Arredondo of Military Families Speak Out. Music will include Pat 
Scanlon and Band. Others to be announced.All permits have been granted. 
This protest will focus on the immediate withdrawal of American troops 
as well as calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Speakers will 
talk about why it is important to hold the leaders accountable for the 
illegal war, was crimes, the mutilation of the Constitution and the 
evisceration of habeas corpus, torture, warrantless surveillance, 
nuclear proliferation and the overall abuse of power. Send email to 
jamillaelshafei at yahoo.com <mailto:jamillaelshafei at yahoo.com> for 
additionalinformation. Other Contact Information: susie justed: 
*From the Village Green on Ocean Ave. to Bush Compound, Kennebunkport* 
More details... 

*Jul 13, 7:00 PM ASSEMBLING PEACE V* An alternative, fun and energizing 
anti-war event/party/mixer/concert to benefit the Greater Boston Stop 
the Wars Coalition. $10 donation - no one turned away for lack of funds. 
Performers include The Gary Backstrom Band - Master lead guitarist and 
vocalist; Jimmy Ryan - amazing electic band that has been touring the 
country; The Grass Gypsies, Andrew Alexander, Boston\'s own Pavoratti, 
and more. Tables will be set up for information tables (no fee.); 
massage room of the main room,and a kitchen which will be serving food. 
Upstairs there will be wine, beer and fair trade coffee plus a stage for 
various acts. The program will focus on diversity both in the performers 
and speakers all centered on the peace and justice themes.A benefit for 
stop the wars. Send email to vinniechops at hotmail.com 
<mailto:vinniechops at hotmail.com> for additionalinformation. Other 
Contact Information: Brian O\'Connell: 617/947-8983.
*Spontaneous Celebrations, 14 Danforth St. Jamaica Plain, MA*

*First Parish Church, 3 Church St. at Mass Ave, Harvard Square* More 
4 - Jul 4, 7:30 PM - 12:47 PM Iraqi Advisor Ali A. Allawi: "The 
Occupation" and Prospects for the Future* What really led the U.S. to 
invade Iraq? And why have events failed to unfold as promised? In his 
new book,"The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace", 
senior Iraqi government advisor Ili A. Allawi presents an insider's view 
of the ongoing crisis in Iraq and speculates about what is to happen 
there.How can Iraq end sectarian violence and acheive peace?Does the 
Iraq experience suggest that the United States should rethink its role 
as global peace maker?�Roger Owen, Middle East Hisorian at Harvard will 
discuss these questions with Allawi. A book-signing following the 
program courtesy of Harvard Book Store will follow the program. Send 
email to camforum at earthlink.net <mailto:camforum at earthlink.net> for 

Please note: Many events listed here are not sponsored by United for 
Justice with Peace, and are not necessarily endorsed by UJP, but are 
advertised here for your information. Please feel free to contribute 
<http://www.justicewithpeace.org/contribute_event.php> your calendar 
listings. Please send your comments to Elisabeth Leonard at 
elisa_02128 at yahoo.com <mailto:elisa_02128 at yahoo.com>

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