[act-ma] 9/08 Help plan the New England Mobilization to End the War (Sat)

Stop the Wars Coalition info at stopthewars.org
Mon Sep 3 06:14:37 PDT 2007

Join us this Saturday to be part of the

*National Mobilization  To End the War in Iraq October 27th*   
10 Massive Regional Demonstrations across the U.S.!!!!!**

*Boston Common at Noon: New England Mobilization to End the War
 Bring All The Troops Home, NOW!*

We hope you will join us in the New England United planning for the 
October 27 mobilization against the war in Iraq!  The next planning 
meeting will be on Saturday, September 8, from 1-5 at Encuentro 5, 5th 
floor, 33 Harrison Ave in Boston. 

/The vast majority of the people in  every corner of the country want 
this  war to end, but Washington has failed  to take decisive action. 
With each  passing month, nearly 100 servicepeople and countless more 
Iraqis are  killed, some 12 billion of our tax  dollars are spent, and 
the death and  destruction continue. Our communities  -- from New 
Orleans to Minneapolis --  are neglected and suffer the  consequences. 
>From Vermont to  California, from Florida to Wisconsin,  the people 
have spoken: We want  this war to end, and we want it to  end now!      ///

/On Saturday, October 27th, people from all walks of life will gather 
in  10 sites around the country for massive regional demonstrations.    
This nationally coordinated day of outcry against the war in Iraq was 
initiated by United for Peace and Justice, the nations largest 
grassroots antiwar coalition.  Many groups across the country are 
helping to build the October 27th mobilization. You are invited to join 
this effort!   What we do now will help shape our future.   We the 
People must end this war!/

-For more information and directions to Encuentro 5, please go to 

Telephone: 617-482-3090     http://www.stopthewars.org  

The website for the national mobilization: www.Oct27.org 

Also listen to extended coverage of last weeks demonstration in 
Kennybunkport ME on done by Dave Goodman

This program will be online for another week.

Charlie Welch
for Stop the Wars Coalition

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