[act-ma] 11/5 Call Congress TODAY! Congress Will Vote on Impeachment Resolution Tomorrow (Tues.)!

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Impeachment is coming to House floor for a vote on Tues. Nov. 6. Act now!
  Everyone who supports impeachment MUST call and email their member of Congress TODAY!
  (No excuses.)

  Here is the phone number for the Capitol switchboard: 
  Alternate numbers to contact your member of Congress: 
  The call is toll free and will take less than 2 min. of your time. 
  If you don't know who your member of Congress is, simply give the Capitol switchboard operator your zip code and they will tell you. They will then connect the call directly to your Rep.'s office. (What could be easier?)
  Background & What to Say:
  Congressman Dennis Kucnich (D-OH), introduced ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT AGAINST VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY in April 2007. The bill, H.Res. 333, now has 22 co-sponsors. (Here's a chart of all members of Congress, where they stand on impeachment.) 
  Tomorrow (Tues. Nov. 6th), Rep. Kucinich will introduce a privileged resolution on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to force an up or down vote impeachment of the vice president. That is WHY you must contact them TODAY (or early tomorrow morning at the latest)! 
  Likely, another member of congress will move to table (kill) Kucinich's resolution for a vote (in order to prevent the articles of impeachment from being voted on). Tell your representative that you want them to Vote NO on tabling the resolution & YES on impeachment. (House members who vote YES to table will no longer be able to claim that their reason for not moving to impeach was because "We don't have enough votes on impeachment", since many others will be voting NO on tabling at the same time. 
  (For more info on House parliamentary procecedure and how it's all likely to play out on Tuesday see: http://courtofimpeachmentandwarcrimes.blogspot.com/2007/11/dennis-bringing-issue-to-floor.html)

  Please contact Congress and the media right away!
  After you've called Congress,... 
  - Then,... you can send your Representative an email in support of impeachment - to make extra sure that they get your message before the big vote tomorrow! Click on this link to send an instant email on impeachment to Congress (http://capwiz.com/pdamerica/issues/alert/?alertid=10034256 )
  Just fill in your name and zip code and hit SEND. It's that easy. You can send a pre-written message on impeachment (~30 sec.) or write your own reasons for wanting Bush and Cheney impeached. SEND IT TODAY!
  - Next,... you can click on this link for phone numbers to contact the media. Alert them to the upcoming vote on impeachment and ask them to cover it! More media contact numbers HERE. Or, you can go here to compose a letter to the editor that will be sent automatically to a list of newspapers in your area:

  - Also,... Rep. Dennis Kucinich wants to put the name of EVERYONE who supports Dick Cheney's impeachment in the Congressional Record! (The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session and is fully searchable. Every day that Congress is in session, Rep. Kucinich will submit 5 single-spaced pages of names with states, which is the daily limit under House rules.) To have your name include, all you need to do is sign this petition.
  (Apologies in advance, if you receive more than one of these emails today.)
  See video here of Rep. Kucinich explaining this week's vote:

  Synopsis of House Resolution 333
  * Investigations? Here! They’re Done!
  * More Talking Points 
  * How to Put Your Congressman on Youtube
  * Republicans for Impeachment (YouTube)
  Why Impeach: ACLU documentary "Unconstitutional"
Watch "Unconstitutional" part I (10 minutes)
Watch "Unconstitutional" part II (10 minutes)
Watch "Unconstitutional" part III (10 minutes)
  Former Reagan Official Says Impeach Now or  Lose Constitutional Democracy (July 16, 2007)


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