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Annual Boston Tea Party and Conference for 9/11 Truth! - Scientists & Citizens Speak Out!
December 15 &16, 2007
Building on the success of last year's inaugural event, Boston 9/11 Truth is proud to present two days of 911 truth activism at this year's Boston Tea Party and Conference for 9/11 Truth, to be held Saturday and Sunday, December 15 and 16, 2007. This year's theme, "Scientists and Citizens Speak Out," reinforces our commitment to the broadest exposure possible of the scientific, criminal and political issues being covered-up and/or ignored by our government and the media concerning the events of September 11, 2001. (More below...) 

Conference - Saturday December 15
The weekend's events will kick off with a day-long conference on Saturday December 15 at Boston's historic Faneuil Hall and is entitled, "The Destruction of World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7: A Case for Controlled Demolition." In this scientific look at the collapses, a panel of four well-known and credentialed science and engineering professionals will present the case that the government's theories could not possibly be true and that most of the evidence points to the one theory that's been completely avoided by the government and the media - controlled demolition.  
Huge efforts are being made to invite as many of these academics and professionals as possible to the Symposium, to judge for themselves where the scientific evidence points. Your support of this event makes that possible. to purchase tickets, visit http://boston911conference.eventbrite.com.
The Tea Party for 911 Truth - Sunday December 16

The 9/11 Commission Report, the Military Commissions Act, the Patriot Act, Presidential Directive #51, the FEMA Report, the continuously revised and delayed NIST Report - the list of attacks on the truth and on our rights and freedoms continues to grow every day, by decree of this administration and with the blessings of Congress. The need to reject this encroachment is even greater than last year and the need for a Tea Party is NOW! The media in New England is ever so slowly waking from its slumber on 9/11 issues and we need to be out there in numbers to make sure they don't drift back to sleep. As we did in 2006, we will read a 9/11 Truth Proclamation at a downtown Boston location (to be announced) and publicly declare our demand to reopen the 9/11 investigations. Barbara Honegger, Dr. Robert Bowman, Dr. Kevin Barrett and many others from last year are on board for this year's event (watch website for updates). We are also encouraging the participation of Peace & Justice and Impeachment activists who feel abandoned by the 110th Congress, which failed to act on it's '06 promises to end our illegal occupation of Iraq, with the hope that together we might demonstrate to the public that it's ALL one big lie. The "Tea Party" will then disperse and reconvene near the site of the original 1773 Tea Party at the Evelyn Moakely Bridge, where hence, we will ceremoniously cast into the sea these documents of tyranny that have been cynically imposed on a terrorized public. The media will be invited.
The Tea Party events on Sunday will begin with a public rally, with a reading of the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth Proclamation and, "Dumping" of the 9/11 Commission Report, (including the Patriot Acts, Military Commission Acts, PD51 and others)  at the Moakley Bridge at 3:00 pm, and concludes with a "Celebration" at nearby restaurant and pub beginning at 4:00 pm. 
Last year's Boston Tea Party reverberated around the country, with 9/11 Truth coalitions stretching from Washington DC to San Francisco Bay staging their own Tea Parties and joining us in publicly rejecting the 9/11 Commission Report. We encourage truth activists across America in planning their own local events in support of our public denunciation, standing together as one in our cause. 
http://boston911conference.eventbrite.com/ to buy your tickets now for the Boston Tea Party Conference.
Please support 9/11 Truth with your financial contribution now to help make this event possible. Buy a ticket for yourself, your co-worker, friend or neighbor.

All-day Ticket:
$35.00 (purchased after Nov. 21)
$25.00 (purchased before Nov 21)
$15.00 (Students and Seniors)
For a list of accommodations, arrangements for out-of-town guests and schedules, visit
Send checks for the Conference payable to:
76 Boston Ave,
Medford, MA 02155

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