[act-ma] 11/26 Splat! - Too Afraid of Life part of the Cuban Film series

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MIT Cuban Film Series

On selected Mondays through December 10th a different Cuban film will be screened. All screenings are free and open to the public.

November 26, 2007
Plaff, o demasiado miedo a la vida
Splat! - Too Afraid of Life
Director: Juan Carlos Tabío (1988)              

"For Concha, the middle-aged protagonist of this lively if sardonic comedy, life is a battle. Her baseball hero son has married the gorgeous Clarita, a modern woman who seems more interested in scientific  research than in housekeeping or motherhood, and they’re living in Concha’s house.  What’s more, Concha is constantly pestered by the ardent,  taxi-driving José Ramón, always turning up with a bottle of wine and a hopeful gleam in his eye. The very sight of her next door neighbour is a constant, taunting reminder of her late husband’s infidelities – and somebody keeps throwing eggs at her. Whenever Concha thinks she’s buttonholed the assailant – and she suspects almost everybody – her accusation is interrupted by the arrival of extenuating evidence: the next egg hits the wall.  God himself is against her. Plaff! – the title is the sound of a breaking egg – comically undermines her direly negative attitude and it’s surprising just how provocative the subversion of misery can seem… Robust, good-humoured and quite astonishingly outspoken about the state of things in Cuba, Plaff! is as informative as it is funny.
 — Bill Gosden,  Wellington Film Festival 1989

MIT Building 54-100
The Tall building with the weather dome on top and a big hole in the 
ground floor. It's near Ames St. and closer to Kendal Square than Mass. Ave.

*Time*: 7:00 - 9:00 PM

MAP http://whereis.mit.edu/map-jpg?selection=54&Buildings=go

The rest of the schedule is as follows:


December 3, 2007
/Alicia en el pueblo de Maravillas/ (1991)
Spannish Only (all other films are subtitled)

December 10, 2007
/Suite Habana/ (2003)

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