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Fraud of Massachusetts’ Healthcare Reform: 

Why the Labor Movement Should 

Lead a Fight for Free, Lifetime Healthcare for All


Democratic and Republican party presidential hopefuls roll out schemes for
healthcare reform, increasing numbers of working people throughout the US (not
to mention the world) have no guarantee of decent medical care. For the vast
majority healthcare is a privilege, not a right.

Healthcare Reform Act passed by the Massachusetts state legislature in 2006 is
touted as an example of providing healthcare for all. However, the law does not
establish a healthcare system that guarantees medical care for all, instead it
forces every adult resident to purchase health insurance – making the
entire setup a gigantic gift to the insurance industry. Not only does the plan
add insult to injury by levying stiff fines against all those who do not
purchase health insurance it also sets as a goal the elimination of any and all
free medical care.

Come to a discussion of
why healthcare and retirement benefits in the U.S. ended up being tied to
individual employers, unlike in many other countries, and why this is a trap
for workers; why building and strengthening unions is necessary to defend basic
rights like health care and a livable retirement; and how a fighting union
movement can lead a fight for free, lifetime healthcare for all. 


Speaker: Sarah Ullman

 garment worker and member UNITE union, representative Socialist
Workers Party


Friday, December 7, 7:30 PM
Militant Labor Forum Hall
Bennington St., 2nd Fl., East Boston
For more
information call 617-569-9169
or e-mail
bostonmlf at yahoo.com
Suggested donation: $5 

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T Blue Line to Maverick Station, bus or walk 5 blocks down
Meridian to Bennington at Liberty Plaza.


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