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  "An Unreasonable Man"
    A two hour documentary about Ralph Nader and his controversial candidacy
    for President in 2000, brought to you by Independent Lens.
WGBH 2/44Sun, Dec 16, 9pm, WGBH 44Tue, Dec 18, 9pm, WGBH 2Wed, Dec 19, 1am, WGBH 44Wed, Dec 19, 2am, WGBH 2

Independent LensAn Unreasonable Man  "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." –George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman (1903)In 1966, General Motors, the most powerful corporation in the world, hired private investigators to dig up dirt on Ralph Nader, an obscure 32-year-old public interest lawyer who had written a book criticizing GM's Corvair model. When this smear campaign was revealed, the resulting scandal launched Ralph Nader into national prominence and established him as the leader of the modern consumer movement.Over the course of three decades, and without ever holding public office, Nader built a legislative record that is the rival of any contemporary president. Many things that we take for granted — including seat belts, airbags, product labeling, no nukes, even the free ticket you receive after getting bumped from a flight — are largely due to the efforts of Ralph Nader and his citizen groups.Yet today, when people hear Nader's name, most think of the man who cost Al Gore the 2000 election. As a result, he has become a pariah even among former friends and allies. With the help of graphics, rare archival footage, and more than 40 on-camera interviews conducted over two years with political insiders including Eric Alterman, Pat Buchanan, Todd Gitlin, William Grieder, and James Ridgeway, An Unreasonable Man traces the life and career of Ralph Nader, one of the most unique, important, and controversial political figures of the past half century. 

WGBH 2/44Sun, Dec 16, 9pm, WGBH 44Tue, Dec 18, 9pm, WGBH 2Wed, Dec 19, 1am, WGBH 44Wed, Dec 19, 2am, WGBH 2

WGBH channels on Comcast Digital Cable,Verizon FIOS, RCNWed, Dec 19, 7pm, WGBH WorldThu, Dec 20, 12am, WGBH WorldThu, Dec 20, 8am, WGBH WorldThu, Dec 20, 2pm, WGBH World
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