[act-ma] 2/23 picket co-op board: Update (Sat)

jslag at harvest.coop jslag at harvest.coop
Thu Feb 21 10:11:47 PST 2008

>From the Board of Directors, Harvest Co-op Markets:

Unfortunately, due to the plans for picketing that were announced on
this list serve earlier this week, Harvest is no longer welcome at the
Paulist Center for our retreat. The Board will not be meeting at the
Paulist Center on Saturday. We appeal to all potential protestors to
leave the Paulist Fathers and their community to conduct their
activities undisturbed.

The Harvest Board would be deeply concerned about any serious
allegations of union busting at the co-operative. We have no evidence
that anyone is union busting at Harvest.

As people may already know, it is neither legal nor appropriate for
management or a board of directors to discuss personnel matters
related to specific employees with anyone else.  Observers, whether
staff or others, may not be aware of factors that play into
unavoidably public personnel decisions such as promotions or
terminations.  This can also make it easier for people with other
agenda to misrepresent fact.  In any case, it is important not to jump
to conclusions.

As always, the Board welcomes Harvest members to contact us at
mailto:board at harvest.coop and to keep up-to-date at
http://www.harvest.coop/board . Thank you to all who share our concern
for Harvest Co-op, its members, and its employees.

Joe Slag, on behalf of the entire Board of
Directors, Harvest Co-op Markets

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