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PLEASE FORWARD widely, to anyone you think can help with this project. 

*AZAPO*I - a new pursuit is up on rule19.org :   rule19.org/azapoi

*This will be a clearing house for outing zionist repression around the 
country; so we can easily refer others to instances of zionist control, 
and out  both the perpetrators & the collaborators.
I am sending this far and wide, asking folks for items to add, state by 
state. I want every single case of: events cancelled, people fired, 
books banned, abuses of free speech ...
I will also compile in one place /all /the collaborators (orgs and 
organizers, and other people in decision-making positions) for easy 
access so activists know who they are.
for starters, I have put several entries up on the MA page, including 
news about NECDP's recent experience with Encuentro.
Please: forward me every incident /you /know of.

I have reached my limit of tolerance with zionist abuse. I would think 
we all have. What is the matter with people, especially the so-called 
'activist' community - that allows zionists to dictate to  us what we 
can do, say, wear or where we can be.  It's outrageious. I also am 
frustrated that activists are not better organized, that we don't share 
info outside our own little circles, that we lack outrage or are afraid 
to express it. For gawd sakes, it's not like we're debating whether to 
spend money on either a new library or a new school!  There is a 
critical root problem in this country that affects all other peripheral 
/ fall-?ut issues; we should be attacking at the root - all of us. And 
encouraging all 'change agents' to do the same.  I often quote a 
favorite saying of my mother's: "it's not what you have, it's what you 
/do/ with what you have."  it's not what we know and learn - it's what 
we do with it!  Talk, distribute literature, wear the message, whatever 
... it's critical IMHO that we use every opportunity to be an antidote 
to MSM zionist propaganda.  The public is getting a steady stream of it. 
It's everywhere, including our schools... and getting worse by the minute. 

I feel like i'm living in the twilight zone. I hear genteel discussions 
about the most outrageous situations; so outrageous that i'm often dumb 
struck, as i would be say, if someone told me that 2 times 2 was 15 
thousand. What?!!  [I would encourage everyone to watch /The Yes Men/ - 
as often as it takes to absorb the message.]

*WHY aren't we doing these (easy) things?
*I propose we organize via email into quick-response teams to accomplish 
this stuff (all it would take is for a few folks to agree to do 
sluething as needed, a few to come up with sample emails so we don't 
have to waste time re-inventing the wheel, and hordes of others to whip 
off emails and enlist friends to do same)

   1. Contact every public venue where a zionist event is scheduled and
      put pressure on the powers that be to either cancel the event or 
      include "the other side"  :-)
      i.e., TURN THE TABLES

   2. Let zionist-collaborator organizations know they will be outed
      online; we don't have to say much, just direct them to the page on
      rule19 that identifies them

   3. Write, send packets of info to those who have a soap box or access
      to one; every time we become aware that e.g. a celebrity is quoted
      saying something damaging, try to educate them
      e.g, i read a quote from Jodie Foster yesterday, talking about
      having coffee at Starbucks; she needs to understand zionism and
      who feeds it  (geez, what would it cost us and who knows what we
      might accomplish; every person we get thru to has friends, family...)

   4. Write to every talking head who promotes US / zionist propaganda
      and let them know they are considered traitors and complicit in
      war crimes; better yet, we should picket their homes - with bull
      horns ("herein lives an anti-american, a tool for corporate

till later, all the best, pf

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