[act-ma] Speaking Tour: Revolution in Bolivia--Eyewitness to the Struggle

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Mon Mar 24 14:43:13 PDT 2008

Speaking Tour:
Revolución en Bolivia
Eyewitness to the struggle


Friday, April 4th
UMass-Boston: Wheatley Building, 4th Floor Lounge

Saturday, April 5th
33 Harrison Ave., Fifth Floor, Encuentro Cinco

SPEAKER: Adam Ziemkowski
Committee for a Workers' International, Bolivia

Recognizing the international significance of the
rising tide of struggles of poor and indigenous people
sweeping Latin America, Adam gave up life in the U.S.,
left his family and friends, and moved to Cochabamba,
Bolivia where the struggle is most advanced. As the
impoverished Bolivian people know only too well,
building mass movements against the poverty and
oppression caused by capitalism and Western
imperialism is a daunting task, but one that Adam has
nonetheless dedicated his life to. Facing down arrest,
threats of deportation, and physical attack from
reactionaries and semi-fascist groups, Adam has
continued to play an important role in the Cochabamba
left, with regular radio show, editing socialist
publications, and organizing for demonstrations.

In the worldwide struggle against poverty and
oppression, Latin America is clearly at the forefront.
>From Venezuela to Chile, the people of the region have
shown enormous courage and sacrifice to fight to
challenge imperialism and the corporations that
dominate their lives.

Bolivia is no exception. With mass strikes, protests,
and the election of a left-wing president, Evo
Morales, the country has become an inspiration to
others. Today the revolution is at a crossroads, with
workers and peasants searching for a way to take the
struggle forward and defend themselves against growing
the counter-revolution. Come hear an eyewitness
account of the struggles on the ground in Bolivia and
the prospects of a revolutionary movement with
significant international implications.

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