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  The Harvard College Human Rights Advocates present a screening of 
  The Land of the Settlers 
  A documentary by one of the most respected Israeli journalists, Chaim Yavin. It is considered the most powerful and comprehensive pieces of media covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The documentary is a set of 5 one hour segments, each covering a different aspect of the conflict. Each can be watched alone, or as part of the entire collection. 
  The Harvard College Human Rights Advocates will be screening the first four parts of the documentary: 
  Part one, on the situation in the West Bank on Thursday April 10th at 5:30pm in Sever 103 
  Part two, on Hebron, a city populated by Palestinians as well as the Israeli Defense Forces, one of the most explosive areas of the conflict on Thursday April 10th at 6:30pm in Sever 103 
  Part three, on the Israeli government's creation of the wall around and inside the West Bank on Thursday April 17th at 5:30pm in Sever 103 
  Part four, on the situation in Gaza on Thursday April 17th at 6:30pm in Sever 103 
  About Chaim Yavin: 
  For the last 40 years, Chaim Yavin has enjoyed a distinguished career in broadcast news covering a wide range of topics, including Israeli society and politics, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the peace process. He helped found Israel's Channel One in the late 1960s and received the Israel Prize in 1997. Not surprisingly, Mr. Yavin has become an Israeli cultural icon, sometimes referred to as "the Israeli Walter Cronkite." Besides his news broadcasting experience, he has directed approximately 80 documentaries to date, including films on American Jewry, Soviet Jewry, the Oslo peace process, Jerusalem, Gaza, the Jordan Valley, Ramallah, and Gush Katif. 
  About The Land of the Settlers:
  This five-part documentary series is a personal production in which Mr. Yavin visited the occupied territories over a period of two years as a private individual. Mr. Yavin explained that, "I was prompted to do The Land of the Settlers not only because it has worried and tantalized me over the years, not only because it is the most important, existential, fatal question of our lives and our very being in this part of the world, not only because it is crucial as to the future of our children, and not only because it is the number one subject on both my personal and professional agenda, but because it became a terrible and shocking trauma for me during the last Intifada. I said to myselfâ?"you cannot keep quiet any longer. And I decided to tell it like it is, to do it in a format of a personal account." 
  Raanan Shaked of Yedioth Ahronoth (6/1/05), wrote, "The breath becomes short, the heart is choked with anger. This is the only human response to The Land of the Settlers. No, there is actually another reasonable reaction: After watching The Land of the Settlers, every caring Israeli, every humane Israeli, should get up next Saturday, go to the settlement nearest to his place of residence, and drag its inhabitants, kicking and screaming, across the road to the side of sanity. This is what comes out of The Land of the Settlers, the personal territories journal of Chaim Yavin, who reaches an impressive professional peak here as a documentary journalist. Although it may not be new on an informative level, The Land of the Settlers will astound you, mainly by placing on the screen, over the course of many hours, the hard core of the shameful insanity of the settlers in the territories, along with the tacit approval of the Israeli governments, along with the helplessness of the armyâ?¦"


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