[act-ma] 4/11 Forum on China and Tibet:What’s behind the protests and the campaign targeting China?

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Tue Apr 8 19:36:36 PDT 2008

China andTibet: 
What’s behind the protests and the campaign targeting China?
Joina discussion on:
How the growing social inequalities in China areaffecting the working class and farmers and the growing protests by farmers andfactory workers 
Whatis behind the protests by oppressed nationalities in China from Tibetans toUighurs 
WhyWashington has long targeted China and pushed a “Free Tibet” campaign andWashington’s history of trying to prop up the Dalai Lama, including a longtimeCIA operation
Whatwere conditions in Tibet like under the semifuedal set up that the formerruling monks, including the Dalai Lama, ruled over 
Whyworking people should reject the campaign to push a boycott of some part of theOlympics in China
Whoare the allies of the working people and oppressed nationalities in China and whyWashington’s campaigns are aimed at weakening the capacity of the masses in Chinato defend their interests 
April 11, 7:30 p.m.
MilitantLabor Forum Hall
13 Bennington Street, 2nd floor, East Boston, MA 02128

617-569-9169 or email: bostonmlf at yahoo.com

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