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The Militant Labor
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Food Crisis: 

Profit System Is to Blame

prices of food and other basic necessities have pushed down working people’s
standard of living in much of the world. Global food prices have risen 83 percent
over the last three years, according to the World Bank estimates. Prices of
basic staples such as corn, rice, and wheat have shot up by more than double
within a one-year span. In many countries workers have responded with strikes
and other actions.

   In Haiti,protests spread across the country in early April against high prices and theUN occupation force there. At least 10,000 workers demonstrated April 5 inLjubljana, Slovenia, to demand higher wages. On April 8 workers in Burkina Fasobegan a two-day general strike to demand a 25 percent pay raise forpublic-sector workers and a lowering of food and fuel taxes. Many workersjoined a general strike in Egypt where average household expenses rose 50percent in the last four months. Demands included relief from high prices,housing aid, and an end to police torture. 

  Workers in theadvanced capitalist countries feel squeezed by higher prices but the crisis isespecially sharp in the semicolonial world. This inequality is not the resultof nature. For more than 100 years the centers of world finance capital—theUnited States, the Western European powers, Japan, Australia, and NewZealand—have dominated economic life in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and thePacific. Their policies guarantee that those nations lag further and furtherbehind in agricultural and industrial production. 

Come join a discussion on
what the roots of this crisis are and what demands working people can put
forward to protect ourselves from the growing crisis.

Saturday, April 26
Program 7:30
pm •  Dinner 6:30Militant Labor Forum Hall 
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