[act-ma] 5/5 Lessons from Chiapas: A Night of Zapatista Story Telling

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Sun Apr 27 14:51:33 PDT 2008

*Lessons from **Chiapas**: A Night of Zapatista Storytelling*

When: Monday, May 5 @ 6 pm

Where: Symposium Books, Kenmore Square, 526 Commonwealth Avenue (across from
the Barnes and Nobles)

What:  We will be gathering as simple and humble people to tell our stories
of resistance and struggle.  This will not be a "Symposium" in the style of
the intellectual fashion show, but a very "Other" gathering to share what we
are and wish to create.

The event will include the telling of The Story of Questions, a Zapatista
creation tale, and discussion of building autonomy, the struggle for
immigrant rights here in the US (coming off of the May Day demonstrations on
May 1), as well as information about how US activists can support Zapatista
autonomous education by studying Spanish or Tzotzil in the Zapatista
community, Oventic, through the Mexico Solidarity Network.

Please join us, bring friends, children, and strangers.  We are striving to
make the event as open as possible in terms of language and age – i.e.
translation and child care will be available.

Participants will include former students at CELMRAZ, the Zapatista Language
School in Oventic, and all of yourselves, come share your stories!

www.symposiumbooks.com, 617-585-6559

Oventic links:


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