[act-ma] 5/5 Lessons from Chiapas: A Night of Zapatista Story Telling

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Sun May 4 13:31:14 PDT 2008

*Lessons from **Chiapas*: A Night of Zapatista Storytelling**
> When: Tomorrow!, Monday, May 5 @ 6 pm
> Where: Symposium Books, Kenmore Square, 526 Commonwealth Avenue (across
> from the Barnes and Nobles)
> What:  We will be gathering as simple and humble people to tell our
> stories of resistance and struggle.  This will not be a "Symposium" in the
> style of the intellectual fashion show, but a very "Other" gathering to
> share what we are and wish to create.
> The event will include the telling of The Story of Questions, a Zapatista
> creation tale, and discussion of building autonomy, the struggle for
> immigrant rights here in the US (coming off of the May Day demonstrations on
> May 1), as well as information about how US activists can support Zapatista
> autonomous education by studying Spanish or Tzotzil in the Zapatista
> community, Oventic, through the Mexico Solidarity Network.
> Please join us, bring friends, children, and strangers.  We are striving
> to make the event as open as possible in terms of language and age – i.e.
> translation and child care will be available.
> Participants will include former students at CELMRAZ, the Zapatista
> Language School in Oventic, and all of yourselves, come share your stories!
> www.symposiumbooks.com, 617-585-6559
> Oventic links:
> http://www.serazln-altos.org/eng/celm.html
> http://www.mexicosolidarity.org/oventic

And I first saw the trees!
The Truffula Trees!
The bright-colored tufts of the Truffula Trees!
Mile after mile in the fresh morning breeze.
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