[act-ma] 2 events: Pelosi in Boston, Iran Forum @ Brown

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Two major actions in AugustWednesday, June 25, 2008 12:24 AM
From: "Pat and Sam Smith" <rentz59 at cox.net>
To: "Sam Smith" <ssmith at stonehill.edu>Hi Folks, 

 I want to give everyone a heads up as to what is happening in August. 

1.  On August 4th at 5:30 p.m. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is talking about her new autobiography at the Kennedy Library Forum. We are working in conjunction with the Stop the War Coalition in Boston to be at the library in two capacities.  Some people will attend the Forum and confront the Speaker with questions on issues that are extremely troubling to voters in RI and MA.  These issues include her decision to take impeachment off the table, and her willingness to continue to fund the war. There will be no attempt to disrupt her presentation; these questions will be posed during the question and answer period following her presentation. There will be enough of us in the Forum to be able to get to microphones to ask the questions. Those wanting to be inside should register for the Forum, which is free and open to the public. Google: Kennedy Library Forums   Seats are assigned on a first come first served basis so you need to plan to get there a little early.

If you would prefer to be outside the library demonstrating with signs (that can be seen from the room where she is speaking) that would be excellent too.

Information on car pooling etc. will be available the last week in July. Right now you need to mark the date on your calendar and sign up for the Forum if you want to be inside.

This is an opportunity for democracy in action.  It is not every day we have the opportunity to express our views to the Speaker of the House! If we have a big enough group there, Democracy Now has expressed an interest in covering the event.

If you need more reasons to be upset with the Speaker, try these.  The House just granted immunity to the companies that gave out phone and e-mail records to the government ( without  telling their customers they were doing it and without a warrant) and they have changed the law to make such actions legal from now on. Pelosi and Steny Hoyer took the lead on getting that through the  House. It is now on its way to the Senate where Dodd and Feingold have vowed to filibuster it, but it is doubtful they will be able to stop it from becoming law. 

The House is considering a resolution which will allow a military blockade of Iran (Google House Resolution 362).  The leadership supports this action and over 200 representatives, including  Patrick Kennedy and Langevin, have signed on as supporters. It will come up for a vote this week and will be fast tracked to the Senate. There will not be enough votes to stop it in the Senate. 

2. On August 6th we are holding a Forum on Iran at Brown University  (List Auditorium) from 7:00 –9:30. We have three distinguished scholars who will be discussing the history and culture of Iran and analyzing the implications of the looming crisis between Iran and the US. 

In case you aren’t worried that the US is really considering military action against Iran, check out House Resolution 362 (signed by Langevin and Kennedy) calling for a blockade of Iran. It will probably be voted on this week and is considered on the fast track to the Senate.

These are two very important events. We hope you will make every effort to participate in them. 

Sam and Pat Smith


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