[act-ma] Monday, June 30, 2008 Bob Bowman talk at Boston College

Allan Rubin a_rubin at comcast.net
Thu Jun 26 13:44:44 PDT 2008

Dear friends,

Please join us for a talk and discussion with Dr. Bob Bowman and for a showing
of parts of the wonderful BBC documentary "A Force More Powerful"

Please forward this to your lists.



                                WHAT TIME IS IT?

                        IT IS TIME TO TAKE BACK AMERICA!

                                   Come hear
                                 Dr. Bob Bowman
 Lt. Col, USAF, ret.; recipient of the President’s Medal of Veterans for Peace
  Reform Party candidate for President in 2000; Democratic candidate for the US
                               Congress in 2006.

       Dr. Bowman will propose a strategy for creating a government that:

                            Follows the Constitution
                             Honors the Truth, and
                               Serves the People.

              Help bring Dr Bowman’s 2008 Patriot Tour to town and
  view portions of the remarkable filmed testament to the power of Non-Violent

                            "A FORCE MORE POWERFUL"

Let’s bring together the Anti-War Movement, the 9/11 Truth Movement, the Global
     Justice Movement and the Movement for Fiscal Responsibility, along with
    environmental groups, labor unions, churches, and civil rights groups to
      create a powerful and effective Peace and Justice Movement that will
                       "Take Back America" for all of us!

                            Date:  Monday June 30th

                                 Time: 7-10 PM

                 Location:  Boston College, McGuinn Auditorium
 From Newton Center, McGuinn Auditorium is immediately on the left as you enter
   the second Beacon Street Campus gate.   A free parking garage is on Beacon
                  Street about 100 yards past the second gate.

             (see this link for campus map & Boston College T stops
                http://www.bc.edu/about/maps/s-approach.html ).

  Requested Donation: Tickets are $10 in support of the educational work of the
  Boston 911 Truth Committee.  We will also be "passing the hat" to support the
                         Patriot Tour of Dr Bob Bowman.

      Sponsored by the Boston 911 Truth Committee and Brookline Peaceworks
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