[act-ma] 8/05 Discovering Dominga a movie about Guatemala. (2002)

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Tue Jul 22 19:36:37 PDT 2008

Tuesday, August 5 - Discovering Dominga

Living in Iowa, Denese Becker was haunted by memories of her Mayan 
childhood. A
quest for her lost identity in Guatemala turns into a searing journey of 
awakening that reveals a genocidal crime and the still-unmet cry for 
justice from the
survivors. In Discovering Dominga, Denese's journey home is both a 
voyage of selfdiscovery
that permanently alters her relationship to her American family and a
political awakening that sheds light on an act of genocide against this 
largest indigenous majority.

Directed by Patricia Flynn and Mary Jo McConahay.
Guatemala. 2002. Biography. 60 min.

For more information, call Jacob Carter at 860-459-7428 or email 
guatcomboston at earthlink.net

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