[act-ma] 10/10 Forum on Wha's Behind Imperialism's Expanding Wars * 10/11 Join the March Against Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

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Wed Oct 8 16:08:34 PDT 2008

The Militant Labor Forum Presents: 
Say NO to Washington’s Wars

Join a discussion on what’s
behind imperialism’s expanding wars
·        In a bipartisan effort
Washington’s war makersare using the
military and political gains they have registered in Iraq since mid-2007 to
extend the deployment of U.S. troops there and expand and deepen their
aggression in Afghanistan.
·        Washington’s push into Pakistan and its
unintended consequences
·        A new Africa Command is now operating to aid
Washington’s aims of being able to intervene more rapidly to protect growing
U.S. business interests in the region
·        A North America Command, which means planning
for the use of the armed forces at home,  has also been established
·        How the economic crisis will lead toward greater
use of military force to settle growing social unrest 
·        The use of the “war on terror” to push further
attacks on democratic rights -- from the Patriot Act to stepped up government
spying and harassment -- and who this is really aimed at here at home
Friday, October 10, 7:30 pm 
Militant Labor
Forum Hall
13 Bennington Street, 2nd floor, East Boston, 02128
617-569-9169 or email: bostonmlf at yahoo.com
Suggested Donation: $5 for program 
· Traducción al español · Translation
to Spanish
Visit themilitant.com and pathfinderpress.com websites 
for news, analysis, books, and pamphlets.
T Blue Line to Maverick Station, bus or walk 5 blocks down
Meridian to Bennington at Liberty Plaza
Join a
march against the wars 
and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan :
October 11, 11:00 a.m., Boston Common
March and Rally, Music and Speakers

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