[act-ma] Red And Black Bloc For Oct. 11th.

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Anti-capitalist organizations that favor unity among radicals in Boston have
made a tradition of marching together for May Day and major anti-war
protests.  Please join us again for a big Red & Black Bloc contingent on the
October 11th march, 2:00pm from the Boston Commons.  Look for the red and
black flags!  Listen for the red and black songs!

Whether you think of yourself as an anarchist, communist, socialist or
anything else along those lines, please join us in our Red & Black Bloc to
show Boston that to be anti-war, we must also be anti-capitalist.  As
election fever heats up, both political parties are clambering to bail out
the banks and beat the drums of war.  This is our opportunity to show people
we can reject them both and build real alternatives for the working class.
The date of this protest, Oct 11th, was chosen to condemn the sixth
anniversary of the bipartisan resolution authorizing the use of force in
Iraq.  Bring your noise makers, banners, flags, chants, and most of all,
your militant spirit!

In the Boston area we have had two Red and Black blocs in the confrontation
of Mexican President, Felipe Calderon and in the October 27, 2007 anti-war
march. We look forward to further strengthening the bonds between us on
October 11th.

for more information contact us at:

rek2 (at) binaryfreedom (dot) info
cfpersampieri (at) gmail (dot) com
with the subject "Red & Black Bloc"

(for information about the rally and march, visit http://www.oct11boston.org

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