[act-ma] Sunday 11/9 at 6pm - The Beehive Collective is coming to the LPC!!

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Tue Nov 4 15:23:01 PST 2008

Beehive at LPC this sunday at 6pm! whee!

This Fall 2008 North East tour will be a collaborative effort between
the Beehive
Collective, Rising Tide North America. It will feature a brand new
graphics workshop about North-South Solidarity with scenes from
the final epic chapter in our globalization trilogy. The workshops
will deal
specifically with the local effects of the NAFTA-style "Free Trade"
zone known as
Atlantica (see below for more details on Atlantica), making striking
with the Mesoamerican experience of "free trade" as felt over the past
decade. We
will take a unique approach at examining cross-border and
cross-cultural solidarity.
It is our hope to use this tour as a platform to open space for dialog
relating to
the issue of democratic control of our land and resources here in the
North Atlantic

A T L A N T I C A R E S I S T !:
The struggle of diversity vs. homogenization in the Americas

Over the past four years the Beehive Collective has been creating
Resiste!" the final graphic in our globalization trilogy. This graphic
takes a
critical look at Project Mesoamerica (formerly "Plan Puebla Panama")-
a development
plan designed to facilitate the
exploitation of resources by corporate interests in Central America,
and transform
much of its land to create more "efficient" trade routes for global
markets. Here on
the North Atlantic seaboard, an equivalent plan for resource
extraction and
disempowerment of local governments known simply as Atlantica is

The Mesoamerica Resiste! graphic, while telling the story of resource
militarization, and (under)development in Latin America, is strikingly
relevant to
the fight for local land control here in Northeastern United States
and Atlantic
Canada. Using these graphics as a springboard for discussion and
sharing, the beehive collective works to analyze and dismantle the
forces at work in
our capitalist society through a metaphorical lens of stories from the
world. We’ll draw clear connections between the colonial history of
the Western
Hemisphere and contemporary patterns of corporate globalization,
violence, and

For the past several years, Bees have been touring the Americas and
Europe with
these two graphics in tandem. With two enormous, highly detailed, hand
portable murals, a six foot tall fabric storybook, and an engaging
narrative, the
Bees have awed and inspired audiences with a presentation intended to
be understood
by anyone - not just the experts and political analysts!

For MORE INFO please visit our TOUR page via the link below.

For MORE INFO about Atlantica please visit the sites below.

organization name:  Beehive Design Collective and Rising Tide North
organization description:  The Beehive's mission is to cross-pollinate
grassroots, by creating collaborative, anti-copyright images that can
be used as
educational and organizing tools.  Rising Tide is an international
network of
climate justice activists.

The Lucy Parsons Center
549 Columbus Ave. | Boston, MA 02118 | 617-267-6272
http://lucyparsons.org/on, MA 02118 | 617-267-6272

"A long period of education must precede any great fundamental change
in society." - Lucy Parsons

"A long period of education must precede any great fundamental change
in society." - Lucy Parsons


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