[act-ma] Now that Obama's Won...

Bryan Koulouris brykoulouris at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 5 09:16:43 PST 2008

How Can we Fight for REAL CHANGE?

A Socialist Alternative Public Meeting
Thursday night, November 6th, beginning at 7pm.
Encuentro Cinco in Chinatown. 33 Harrison Ave. 5th Floor.

U.S. voters clearly demanded change. From the Presidency to the halls of Congress to numerous ballot questions, ordinary people want an end to the Bush regime's wars, corruption and corporate handouts. 

Now, we need to build movements of working people to demand free quality healthcare and improved guaranteed housing. We need to bring an end to the war in Iraq and re-direct the money towards jobs, home heating and public transportation.

An Obama victory does NOT mean an end to racism. The struggle against the criminal injustice system and institutionalized racism will need to continue. With the Democratic Party tied to big business, what type of change can Obama bring?

Cindy Sheehan, running as an independent against pro-corporate, pro-war Democrat Nancy Pelosi, got over 17% of the vote, beating the Republican challenger. We need to build on these efforts to create independent political representation for working people.

Join us tomorrow for this important discussion. Bryan Koulouris, editor of the Boston Organizer, will be speaking to start this dialogue about how to bring real change to the lives of young people, people of color and the working class.


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