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  Press Conference & Rally (Wed-11/26)

Stand With Chuck

Press Conference and Rally in Roxbury

Download Flyer for Wednesday Press Conference and Rally (click here) 

Wednesday, November 26

Chuck Turner District Office

51 Roxbury Street

Roxbury, MA 02119

Come stand with Councilor Turner for a statement by Chuck and to 
demonstrate the support of the community.

  Councilor Turner Press Release 11/24/08

November 24th, 2008 | Category: statements 

For Immediate Release - November 24, 2008

City Hall Office: (617) 635 3510
District Office: (617) 427-8100

Councilor Turner's Press Statement

After 45 years of what I believe has been a career of integrity and 
service to my people, I find myself in a difficult situation.  
Ironically, the fact of my arrest and the possibility of spending 
twenty-five years in jail (if I live that long) while troubling, is not 
my paramount concern.

Those who know me understand that beyond providing care and support for 
those I love, I only have one objective in life---the liberation of my 
people.  If at the end of my 45 year attempt to be of service to my 
Creator by standing up, speaking out, and taking action on behalf of my 
racial and human family, I am convicted for a crime I did no commit, I 
can accept that as the will of my Creator.

My main concern is that I am not being tried by a jury of my peers, I am 
being tried by the Globe, the Herald, Fox News, Channel 7, Channel 5, 
etc., etc. etc.  News outlets that would not cover my work as a City 
Councilor are now knocking at my door almost every hour demanding that I 
speak to them as if I have some responsibility to serve their bosses.

In addition, Council President Feeney, on Friday at 12, three hours 
before my arraignment felt it appropriate to strip me of my committee 
chairpersonships and committee seats.  She then decided that it was 
appropriate to have the City Council put me on trial at a special City 
Council meeting called for 3 p.m. today.

Obviously, the press is working to publicly destroy my reputation before 
I even have an opportunity to have a day in court.  Since I am being 
tried by the media and my fellow Councilors, I have made the decision to 
publicly defend myself.  That is I will act as my own lawyer in this 
media trial in which I find myself.  Some argue that I should keep quiet 
for fear that I may make some statement that can be used against me.  So 
be it!  I will not sit back silently and allow my reputation be ripped 
to shreds.

While there are more issues that I will raise in future press conference 
to help the public appreciate my innocence, I would urge all assembled 
to join me in the Council Chambers at 3 p.m. as I participate in the 
Council's deliberations on whether to expel me from the Counsel and 
deprive my constituents of my representation.

I also urge you to join me at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, November 26 in front 
of my district office, 51 Roxbury Street where I will continue to 
present my defense.


  Report Back from Press Conference and Rally 11/24/08

November 24th, 2008 | Category: updates 

November 24, 2008

A sea of over 500 supporters stood with Chuck Turner at his first press 
conference since his arrest on Friday.  Turner maintained his innocence 
to the charges brought by US Attorney Sullivan, and denounced the media 
bonanza attempting to try and convict him before his day in court.  
Turner vowed to continue to fight for the liberation of his community, 
and rededicated his pledge to work against poverty, cruelty and oppression.

In an attempt to preempt Turner's gathering, Council President Feeney 
made a public statement at 1pm, recanting her original intention to take 
negative action against Chuck by the Council.  This morning, City Hall 
offices were bombarded by calls that successfully pressured Feeney to 
indefinitely cancel a Council meeting to remove him from his seat.

The strong show from a diverse crowd of supporters was a testament to 
Turner's 45 years of dedicated service to his community.  While Turner 
has been advised to avoid discussing details of his defense, his many 
supporters have begun raising critical questions surrounding the 
motivations and sting tactics of the FBI and Federal Prosecutors.  
Turner and his supporters will continue to demand a fair trial, and 
resist the character assasination that is being attempted in the media.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who participated in todays event, 
and to the thousands across this City who are talking to friends and 
colleagues about the critical work of Turner, and of the broad based 
progressive movement that he has helped ot build.

'/If you don't take responsibility for what goes in your mind, someone 
else will/"

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