[act-ma] John Kerry at Faneuil Hall tonight

Loie Hayes loiehayes at verizon.net
Mon Nov 24 21:13:35 PST 2008

Senator John Kerry will speak tonight, Tues Nov 25, at 6pm at Faneuil Hall
as part of the Rally for an Energy Empowerment Revolution. Other speakers
include Rev. Hurmon Hamilton of Black Ministerial Alliance, Cindy Luppi of
Clean Water Action, and Marty Aikens, International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers.

Come out -- despite the rain -- to demand urgent and revolutionary action
for Energy Empowerment -- taking money away from oil and coal corporations
and putting it to work rebuilding our communities and providing "pathways
out of poverty."

The housing crisis, the jobs crisis, the climate crisis, the food and fuel
crisis -- all these different problems could be addressed by the same
response: a massive transformation in how we use energy, not only in
industry and commercial buildings, but in our homes.   This would create
jobs, stabilize housing prices, put dollars back into peoples’ wallets,
correct structural injustice, advance the green economy, and lower climate
impacts.    The Patrick administration has taken some preliminary steps in
the Green Communities Act and the the Green jobs act.  But much more needs
to be done.

Some good efforts are being made by well-intentioned people inside and
outside government, but their plans are not adequate to the scope and scale
of the problem.  For example, one proposal suggests that we could improve
the energy efficiency of 25,000 homes in Massachusetts over 4 years.   That
would be a good start, but even if that were successful that would affect
only ONE PER CENT of the Massachusetts housing stock of 2,700,000
households.   At that rate, it would take Massachusetts four hundred years
to reach every home.

Come out tonight to show that you are ready for a revolutionary change in
our housing stock and energy use. Join with others to demand private and
public prioritization of weatherization and other clean energy inititatives.
"Green the Bailout" and make sure it "lifts all boats."

Loie Hayes
Coordinator, Boston Climate Action Network
Roxbury MA 02120
cell 857-544-6846

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