[act-ma] March in Support of Greek Uprising, Saturday 12/20 @ noon

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Tue Dec 16 21:33:10 PST 2008

Press Release
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Protest Planned in Support of Greek
Contact: Paul McCarrier (207)615-4457 lookingforward at riseup.net
On Saturday, December 20th the insurrection in Greece will enter its 14th day. It has moved from demonstrations against
the police who murdered 15-year old anarchist Alexandros Grigoropoulos, to a
nation wide revolt against the Greek state, where workers, retirees, and
immigrants have joined with students and young people in the streets to fight
against the injustices that the Greek government has imposed upon them. The
people of Greece have a long tradition of resistance, and for the past two weeks they have said
“No!” to the representative government that has failed them. They have taken
over their universities, town halls, and television and radio stations,
occupying them and broadcasting their ideas, refusing to give in to attacks by
the police. The Greek people in the streets, in occupied universities and in town
halls have asked that people stop referring to what is happening over there as
rioting, and instead to realize that this is an insurrection.
            On Tuesday,
December 16th a group of 30 demonstrators gathered in front of the
Greek Consulate to stand in support of the Greek people. They stayed for an
hour under police watch with lively chants, red and black flags and colorful
banners. After an hour, the group dispersed under the calls of “We’ll be back!”
and the police then retreated. Soon after, the demonstrators returned with a
spirited energy, charging across the street to block the entrance of the
consulate. In the ensuing excitement, the outer Iron Gate was smashed open, and the government officials inside the consulate quickly
fled sight. The group then melded into city, cheering as they went. Later that
evening, Boston Detective Andrew Creed, the officer in charge of Anarchist
repression, posted his view of events to the public internet forum Boston Lemming Trail of which he is a
regular poster under the user name “Keegs”. “The only suck [sic] thing” he said, “was, after the
demonstrators and us [sic] ‘left’, a
few anarchists came back and smashed the gate to the consulate. That sort of
adds a new dimension to [sic]
situation for us.” 
In response to the call to action
from Greece, at noon on Saturday, December 20th people will meet at Faneuil Hall to march in support of the Greek insurrection.
“It is important to take action in support of the rebels who are risking their
lives to fight against the conditions imposed upon them by authoritarian
governments and a broken capitalist system,” says Boston Anarchist Frances
Roylos. “If we have to choose between starvation and revolution, we choose


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