[act-ma] Gaza Protest/Rally on Friday. Please distribute widely

Marilyn Levin MarilynL at alumni.neu.edu
Thu Jan 15 16:54:21 PST 2009

This is the third big event, in addition to multiple vigils held for Gaza and Palestine since the beginning of the massacre. If this is the first time you hear about this, either join the google group gazaonmymindboston at googlegroups.com

Or the facebook group 

Thank you!

Let Gaza live!
Stop the Israeli war!
Stop US support for the massacre in Gaza!
PROTEST this Friday 1/16 4:30 pm


We will start at (Israeli Consulate 20 Park Plaza) 4:30 P.M and make our way to the State House while paying a visit to many important stops along the way. This will be a highly organized protest and we plan on rallying on the streets hopefully if the permit situation goes well. We will have mega-phones and amplifiers to show Boston that "when you are shopping/driving/doing whatever you are doing, BOMBS ARE DROPPING ON INNOCENT PEOPLE!"

Spread word! Invite your friends, allies, classmates, coworkers, neighbors, EVERYONE!!!!!!

As Israel ruthlessly tears into Gaza, slaying any and all in its genocidal path--including aid convoy and children--international pressure mounts to shut these atrocities down and let the people of Gaza live, which is already having a major effect on how the war is covered in the media, and--most importantly--on people's sense of need and confidence to fight back.

We've had a series of excellent mobilizations in Boston including rowdy protests, vigils and a large funeral march, dozens out to Saturday's national protest at the White House and more. We must come together to continue to build the movement with even bigger & stronger actions and events geared toward drawing into the movement the thousands in our area who are outraged at Israel's shear brutality and the US's support for it.

For more info, email 
     bostonstandswithgaza at gmail.com 


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