[act-ma] Act-MA update

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Mon Jan 26 09:29:43 PST 2009

Dear Act-MA Subscribers

This a confusing confusing quirk about messages posted to the Act_MA list.
The messages get tagged with the time it was posted by the sender not 
the time that it's approved, which can be hours later.  It's a 
bug/feature of the Mailman Mailing list program we use.  It's very easy 
to miss the fact that messages come and get sorted back to the time we 
the poster of the message originally sent it.

There is a trick that helps,  Most email systems allow you to view your 
messages by the order they come in not the posted time on them.  See the 
View tab on your email system.

Also we're happy to report that there are now over 625 people on this.  
Please tell your friends about the Act-MA list.  Word of mouth is our 
most effective way of reaching new people. 

Also our perennial reminder about the importance of the subject line 
when you post listings.  See the link below for more information.

Charlie Welch
for Act-MA

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