[act-ma] 2/22 Sunday ACLU's Nancy Murray will speak on "Restoring the Limits of Governmental Power..."

Allan Rubin a_rubin at comcast.net
Wed Feb 18 19:28:29 PST 2009

*On Sunday February 22, 7:30PM*
at the Eliot Church in Newton Corner:
*/Director of Education for the ACLU of /
/Massachusetts (/_www.aclum.org_ <http://www.aclum.org/>/)/ will speak on *

"*Restoring the Limits of Governmental Power: *
*Why it Must be Done and How it CAN be Done*"

A discussion of the threats to our civil liberties brought about by the 
USA Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping and surveillance, and the 
Military Commissions Act, suspension of Habeas Corpus, "Extraordinary 
Rendition", secret detention centers, as well as various public and 
secret Executive Orders of President Bush.

Although the Obama administration has quickly reversed some of the 
Executive Orders signed by President Bush, there is still much to be 
done to undo the damage of the legislation passed during the post 911 
hysteria granting the executive branch extraordinary and dangerous 
powers, as well as to develop new safeguards against a future 
administration granting itself similar powers during a future crisis.

*Sponsored by Newton Dialogues*
*Open to the Public and Free *

*The Eliot Church is located in Newton Corner at the
intersection of Center and Church Streets. *

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