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Stop Coal, Save our Future
Stand together for Healthy People, Peace and the Planet

JOIN US on Sunday, March 1st, 
at rallies outside of three Massachusetts coal plants to call for an end to the deadly use of coal and start building a secure green future!

12pm: Salem Harbor Power Station (Salem),

1pm: NRG & Brayton Pt. (Somerset) & Mount Tom (Holyoke)

The next day, authors/activists Wendell Berry and Bill McKibben will be

joined by thousands of people -- young and old alike -- in the largest mass civil disobedience for the climate in US history at the Washington DC coal plant that powers Congress with dirty energy (www.capitolclimateaction.com).

Please join us locally to help put an end to the unsustainable and destructive use of coal that is harming our health, fueling war and endangering our climate.  (See below for a brief background on why a rapid phase-out of coal is needed now!)

Download the flyer here!<http://www.securegreenfuture.org/sites/all/files/StopCoalSaveourFuture.5.pdf>

Switching quickly from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy is essential

to avert climate catastrophe, pursue real peace and security, and create secure, green jobs. A green economy based on renewable energy is a triple win - for people, peace and the planet.

Help us spread the word and send the message to the powers-that-be that a

rapid phase-out of all coal-powered plants is needed NOW! We are planning

legal demonstrations, and ask that all participants respect the call to

refrain from civil disobedience on March 1.

Organizers and Endorsers:  Mass.Coalition for Healthy Communities (MCHC) / Secure Green Future (SGF), Toxics Action Center, Clean Air Coalition, Clean Water Action, Green Action

Citizens v. Coal, HealthLink, Massachusetts Global Action, Peace Institute at Salem State College, North Shore Colombia Solidarity Committee, United for Justice with Peace.

For more information, visit www.securegreenfuture.org/stopcoal, or contact

Eli Beckerman at 617-821-1453 or eli at securegreenfuture.org.


Fossil fuels are driving climate chaos and war, and robbing us of a livable

future. Of all fossil fuels, coal is the dirtiest, and "clean coal" is a

fiction. From mining to burning to waste disposal, coal threatens our health

and safety. Mountain-top removal is devastating communities in Appalachia.  Burning coal releases mercury, acid rain, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides into our air and water, resulting in respiratory diseases, cardiac disease, and even premature death. Coal also has the highest carbon

content of all fossil fuels, and is therefore the worst global warming

culprit. Continued reliance on coal without immediate phase-out is

*incompatible with any scenarios of reducing atmospheric greenhouse gases to a safe level

in time to avert irreversible catastrophic climate change*.

As NASA climate scientist James Hansen has put it, *"Coal is the single

greatest threat to civilization and all life on our planet."*
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