[act-ma] No-Layoffs at Harvard Day of Action - AND - Public Meeting: Women in the Economic Crisis

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In this email:
1. Day of action against Layoffs at Harvard - Thurs, March 5 - Harvard Sq
2. Women in the Economic Crisis - Public meeting - Sat, March 7
1. Harvard no-Layoff Day of Action
Save Harvard Jobs!
*Say No to Layoffs - Harvard Has the Money!*

Thursday, March 5
*Two chances to participate:*
*12:30pm Holyoke Center, Harvard Square (next to the Au Bon Pain)*
*4:00pm Holyoke Center, Harvard Square*

Harvard University is the 4th largest employer in Massachusetts. Due to its
financial speculation on its endowment (the largest of any school in the
world, last estimated at $29 billion), Harvard is pleading poverty and has
announced layoffs to come.

Harvard workers, students and community members (all are welcome) are
uniting to publicize and protest any and all layoffs.  Harvard has the
money! Don't make workers pay for the business cycle downturn - we didn't
create the crisis or the loss in endowment, we shouldn't have to pay!

*Our demands:*
- No Layoffs - Harvard Has the Money!
- No reduction in services to students or faculty.
- No to increased workloads, Harvard staff is already overworked.

Women in the Economic Crisis
Celebrating 100 years: International Women’s Day

Saturday, March 7, 2009
4:00pm the Democracy Center
  45 Mt. Auburn St
(at the corner of Mt. Auburn St. and Taylor St.)
  Cambridge, MA
Hosted by Socialist Alternative

The current economic crisis in the U.S. has caused hundreds of thousands of
layoffs, millions of home foreclosures and cuts to public services. The
working class and poor people are hit the hardest, while big corporations
and banks are receiving billions of dollars in bailouts.

During an economic crisis, financial problems for working women only
increase. Women are disproportionately affected in layoffs, cuts in social
programs and health care.

Even in a period of economic growth, women are paid less than men for the
same jobs, rely on insufficient funding from programs like affordable
childcare and working at jobs, which are usually non-union with low pay. In
2005, 14.1% of women in the US lived below the poverty line, 6.1% of whom
lived at only half of the poverty line. Much of the labor of society falls
unpaid on women, such as childcare, care for the elderly and housework.

Capitalism is failing all of us and especially women. The current economic
crisis has exposed capitalism as the root of women’s oppression and our
misery. To end the oppression of women will take a mass movement of
community members, unions, and activists. Socialist Alternative organizes
women and men to fight for improvements in living standards for all

 Speaker: Genevieve Morse is a member of the Massachusetts Teachers
Association and works at UMass Boston (personal capacity)

  boston at socialistalternative. org

-Boston Socialist Alternative
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