[act-ma] 4/11, Sat, Break up the Banks protest, Boston Common, 2pm

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Wed Apr 8 21:15:33 PDT 2009

4/11, Sat, Break up the Banks protest, Boston Common, 2pm

12 million unemployed. Foreclosures up 81%. Wall Street has taken over. We
must break up the banks and never again let them get so big that they
distort our politics and take down the economy.

Nationwide protests to break up the banks are just three days away, Saturday
April 11th. We need your help to tell Congress and President Obama that the
taxpayer-subsidized bailouts of zombie banks must end. We demand real
reforms of the banking sector that address the root problems in our politics
and economy. Let's show President Obama that the public understands what's
going on and that there is massive public support for a more progressive
approach to economic recovery that puts the people before the bankers.


Here are some things you can do to help make this protest huge:

1) Email your friends about the protest, and tell them to email their
friends. Forward this email

2) Pass out and put up flyers! You can get materials to help:

Plans for Saturday include the largest outdoor phone banks in history  --
bring your cell phone and video camera (Bill Moyers Journal will be making a
montage of all the protests! Bring your camera and add your footage that we
will send to Congress as well as Bill Moyers); bring huge signs with our
representatives' and Obama's phone number (202-456-1111). We're going to jam
their machines!

Until Saturday,

Tiffiniy  Cheng (see interview with Tiffiniy at
Donny Shaw
Matt Zaccarino
Kanishka Azimi
Jane Hamsher, Honorary Co-Chair
Mike Lux, Honorary Co-Chair
Zephyr Teachout
Joe Trippi
Joe Costello
William Greider
+ the A New Way Forward crew
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