[act-ma] 4/22 Red and Black Unity planning meeting (wed)

Matthew Andrews peopleunite at verizon.net
Tue Apr 21 10:51:10 PDT 2009

Join us to call for a Red and Black Anti-Capitalist Contingent at the  
May Day march being organized from East Boston to Everett!

We will have a planning meeting at 7:15PM Wednesday, April 22nd at  
TJ's pizzeria, 487 Cambridge St, Allston.

Over the last couple years, there have been a handful of May Day and  
anti-war demonstrations in Boston where non-sectarian radicals have  
marched together.  From this positive experience, conversations began  
to grow around making a more organized effort at unity at these  
events.  We come from a tradition of directly criticizing capitalism  
and calling for alternatives.  We come from the tradition that created  
May Day.  Although we work in many different organizations, and many  
more of us are not in any organization, we are nevertheless an  
important political force.  By marching together, our identity and  
message will not be lost in the mix to more powerful moderate  
leaders.  We support the demands for immigrant rights in the US.  But  
we also see it in the context of a global system that creates war,  
exploits labor and devastates the environment.  Real solutions -and  
our ability to implement them- will only come from a radical  
international movement.  That's at the heart of what May Day is all  

Our preliminary agenda includes:
- finalizing a public announcement
- extending invitations to individuals and organizations who are not  
yet involved
- deciding if we want to rally separately at the end and have speakers  
from groups excluded from the main stage
- planning how to share costs associated with constructing red and  
black flags, and bringing amplified sound
- choosing and practicing songs/chants for when we march!

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