[act-ma] May 29: Protest John Kerry at UMB '09 Commencement!

tom arabia tom_arabia at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 28 08:56:46 PDT 2009

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Students Against Occupation@
UMass Boston say:
Protest John Kerry at UMass Boston Commencement!
Show the school that we don't want John Kerry speaking at OUR
3PM, Friday, May 29, 2009
Center front lawn, UMass Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard

Planning Mtng: Saturday, May 9th at 2pm, Campus Center

John Kerry was selected by Chancellor Motley as
the keynote speaker at Commencement 2009. In the University's newspaper
"The University Reporter", the Chancellor hailed Kerry as
representing the values of our university. He also praised Kerry's supposed
commitment to the poor and to the Middle East 
peace process. 

Kerry is speaking at AIPAC on May 5th, strongly backed Israel 's construction of a 425-mile-long barrier
between Israel and the
Palestinian territories (calling it a security fence), and embraces a
"special relationship" between Israel 
and the US,
among other problematic practices.  Upon his visit to the war ravaged Gaza strip, Kerry responded to Palestinian Lawyer Shaarhabel Alzeem's modest plea for the Palestinians to be allowed to live "respectable lives" by defending Israel's slaughter, and saying it is the Palestinians who are are to blame.  Kerry also is an avid supporter of the escalation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, insisting comparison to Vietnam is flawed because Afghans represent a "real threat" to the US.

Come protest to show the Chancellor that deserve a say in who speaks at our
graduation and that we do NOT want a man who supported continuing occupation at
out school!

While the details are not exactly set in stone yet, we will be organizing a
large-scale protest of Kerry and his speech. We hope to include graduates,
parents and the greater Boston 
community in our demonstration. Check

A planning meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 9th at 2pm. We are meeting in
the front entrance to the Campus Center 
at UMass Boston. Please come with your ideas and enthusiasm!

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