[act-ma] Join the Cambridge walkers on the Mother's Day Walk for Peace: Sun., May 10

Corr, Brian bcorr at cambridgema.gov
Thu May 7 09:46:37 PDT 2009

Please join me and members of the Cambridge Peace Commission on the morning of Sunday, May 10 as we participate in the annual Mother's Day Walk for Peace<http://www.louisdbrownpeaceinstitute.org/Walk_for_Peace.html> in Dorchester.
Many of us will go as a group from Cambridge and will be LEAVING from the Cambridge Friends meetinghouse at 7:00 a.m. and traveling together on public transportation to Townfield Park in Dorchester. The Friends Meetinghouse is located at 5 Longfellow Park, just off Brattle St.
For a map and directions to the meetinghouse visit: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=5+Longfellow+Park+02138). If you need to travel to Dorchester on your own, you can get directions to Townfield Park (located at the corner of Park St. and Dorchester Ave.) here: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Corner+of+Park+St+and+Dorchester+Ave+02122<http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Corner+of+Park+St+and+Dorchester+Ave+02122%20>
The walk is organized by the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, which assists and supports the families of homicide victims in Boston; has developed a fully integrated curriculum for all elementary, middle and high school students that prepares them to deal with trauma and grief, build nonviolence and conflict resolution skills; and is committed to restorative justice and building sustainable peace through helping young people commit themselves to peace work in their families and their communities.
The walk is a fundraiser for the Peace Institute, and it would be great if you can raise and/or donate money to support them (visit www.louisdbrownpeaceinstitute.org/Walk_for_Peace.html<http://www.louisdbrownpeaceinstitute.org/Walk_for_Peace.html> for more information). Their goal is to raise $200,000, and all proceeds will benefit the programs and activities of The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute. However, it is also very important that people from Cambridge and other communities join in the walk and show their support by being present.
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Below is information from the Peace Institute on the walk, raising money, and their organization. I hope you can join us!
In Peace,
Brian Corr
Executive Director, Cambridge Peace Commission
[cid:image001.jpg at 01C9CF11.D89F9320]What is the Mothers' Walk for Peace<http://www.louisdbrownpeaceinstitute.org/Walk_for_Peace.html>?
It is a community event designed to bring together people from all around the state to walk to:

1.   Promote peace & justice
2.   Honor mothers
3.   Publicly commit to protect all our children
4.   Remember all victims of violence
5.   Raise funds for the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

How did it start?
Clementina Chéry conceived the Mothers Day Walk as a personal effort to symbolize their defiance of the streets that stole her son. Louis D. Brown was 15 years old when on December 20, 1993 he was murdered in the crossfire of a gang shooting in Dorchester.  To date the walk has drawn about 10,000 people, including 2500 who are families of survivors of violent crimes.
What time does the walk begin?
Registration begins at 7:00 a.m.  The walk starts at 8:00 a.m. with a callisthenic workout and opening remarks, and by 10:30 a.m., most participants are on their way home to enjoy a full Mother's Day with family, friends and of course, mom.
How or where can a person register?
To register online at www.louisdbrownpeaceinstitute.org/Walk_for_Peace.html<http://www.louisdbrownpeaceinstitute.org/Walk_for_Peace.html>
How is the money raised used?
The proceeds collected this year will be used to fund the Survivors Outreach Services, a program of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute:  The Peace Institute has served a multi-level agenda operating as a partner to the Mayor of Boston, to the academic community, the faith community and to other grass-roots organizations. However, its unique contribution and flagship program is a training and resource center for survivors of homicide victims. The Institute develops the leadership capacity of survivors and supports their efforts to participate in policy and programmatic efforts, while also serving the needs and addressing the pain of families, it has served more than 500 families, and is also providing support to families of the offenders. Please make checks payable to: "The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute."
Where is the start/end of the walk?
The walk is a 4 mile loop starting and ending from Towns Field, near Fields Corner Station on the Ashmont branch of the MTBA Red Line.

What is the path of the walk?
The 4 mile walk starts at Townfield Park in Fields Corner, and then continues on Dorchester Avenue to Ashmont Station. It turns right onto Talbot Avenue to Codman Square, right onto Washington Street to Columbia Road, right on Columbia Road to Hancock Street,  to Bowdoin Street, left onto Geneva Avenue. It then proceeds down Geneva Avenue onto Park Street to Townfield Park.

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