[act-ma] Rally Against War Crimes -- May 28, Harvard Square

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Hi,  everyone.
Below I have copied details  about the upcoming Rally Against War Crimes. 
Please try to attend next Thursday. 
Doug  Fuda
_  Antiwarleague.com_ (http://www.antiwarleague.com/) 
14  Fletcher Street
Roslindale, MA 02131
617 331-1491 (cell)
_dougfuda at aol.com_ (mailto:dougfuda at aol.com) 

Please all, circulate far and wide! - mark your calendars for May  28th, 
National Rally Against Torture.  We are holding a rally in Harvard  Square 2PM 
to 7PM.
Come to Harvard  Square May 28th – War Crimes Protest Rally!  Wear orange 
jumpsuits and black hoods.  Write on the back “Prosecute War Criminals” 
(thick black sharpie works  well).  If you can't get a jumpsuit, Orange Armbands 
will  do. 
Are you aware  that Douglas Feith is a Belfer Center Visiting Scholar at 
Harvard University's  Kennedy School of Government? Harvard now has a 
responsibility to revoke the  fellowship. Mr. Feith was one of the six alleged war 
criminals named in the case  by the Spanish court headed by magistrate 
Baltaser Garzon (who, by the way, also  prosecuted former Chilean dictator Augusto 
Pinochet).  The charge is that all six sanctioned  torture. Feith admits he 
"played a major role" in Bush's Feb. 7, 2002 memo  suspending the Geneva 
Conventions for detainees at Gitmo.  _http://www.truthout.org/040609A_ 
As  Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Douglas Feith spearheaded the 
Counter  Terrorism Evaluation Group and the Office of Special Plans which was  
instrumental in drawing up documents that explained the supposed ties 
between  Saddam and al Qaeda. Now it is well known there was no connection, the 
"facts"  making the connection were orchestrated and the reason for going to 
war in Iraq  (that Saddam Hussein was an eminent threat to the US) was a lie. 
Please contact  the Dean David Ellwood 617-495-1122 
david_ellwood at Harvard.Edu and ask why would  the Kennedy School list an accused war criminal as a 
visiting scholar?  Suspension at the very least is warranted.  A May 28th 
rally in Cambridge is being organized to coincide with the  Pentagon 
court-ordered release of torture photos, thanks to the FOIA lawsuit won  by the ACLU.  
If you would like to  help contact War Criminal Watch 
_notinourschool at worldcantwait.net_ (mailto:notinourschool at worldcantwait.net)  

ON  (OR BEFORE) MAY 28, in response to an  ACLU lawsuit, the Pentagon had 
been court-ordered to release photos of detainee  abuse in U.S. facilities 
from 2001-2006.  These photos, including many from Bagram, Afghanistan, where 
the  detention facilities have been doubled to hold 60,000 detainees, will 
show that  torture was wide-spread, sustained and systematic, not an 
aberration but an  integral part of the global war of terror on the people. Weeks 
ago four torture  memos revealed the sadistic detail with which Bush’s Lawyers 
choreographed the  torture of detainees.   Cheney  and the open advocates 
of torture scream that they must be able to use “harsh  methods” to win 
their global war on terror. 
The Obama Administration is  continuing indefinite detention, CIA 
rendition, Bush’s executive powers, and  denying Bagram detainees the right to 
challenge their detention, says  prosecution of torturers would stop them from “
moving forward”. Democratic  leader Nancy Pelosi knew about the torture as 
early as 2002, but said and did  nothing to stop it. 

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