[act-ma] 5/25 Memorial Day Radio on WMBR 88.1 FM 4 PM

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Mon May 25 04:34:33 PDT 2009

While most of us enjoy the Holiday weekend, we should remember what Memorial Day is all about.
Honoring those who served and died to protect the freedoms we enjoy.
This is what we are constantly told.
        Yet if we stray from the so-called official honoring, we are called nasty things – usually from those on the right, (most of whom haven’t served themselves).
	I will be attending an observance with military people who served in Vietnam, Gulf War I, and the current Iraq/Afghan campaigns.
	Monday afternoon, Veterans for Peace will honor their fellow vets who paid the supreme price, at noon in Columbus Park, along the waterfront in Boston.
They will also call for an abolition of war as a way of conducting business amongst nations.
	Recordings from this event will then be mixed live – along with anti-war music from WWI to the present on WMBR.org, 88.1FM at 4pm EDT on Memorial Day. 
Tune in live, or catch the archives.
In Solidarity,
Chuck U. / Free of Form radio

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