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Community Change Inc.

Brown Bag Anti-Racism Discussion Series 2009

Changing the Public Discourse around Race

Media That Moves YOU to Action

Press Pass TV Screens their Spring 2009 Season at CCI

Press Pass TV is a youth-adult partnership non-profit that works with  
youth to develop solution oriented video journalism. PPTV addresses  
critical issues in the Boston community, gives a voice to  
neighborhoods often underrepresented or misrepresented by larger  
media outlets, and sheds light on the overlooked positive change  
happening in communities across Greater Boston. In June, Press Pass  
TV held a screening of the stories produced by teams at organizations  
around the city, including:

Shifting Borders
Project RIGHT
The young men from Project RIGHT examine the shifting identity of  
Roxbury in Boston and find out who’s communities are really being  

Project RIGHT
The young women from Project RIGHT look deeper into the origins of  
the word “ghetto” and what it means to our communities today.

Youthway on the MBTA
Boston area Youth Organizing Project
The BYOP team explains the Youthway on the MBTA campaign, and the  
demands teens are making for safe, affordable, accessible service.

(At left) Youth discuss a film at the June 2009 film screening, Media  
that Moves You to New Heights.

The current public discourse around race assumes that we live in a  
color-blind society where the American Dream is attainable by all  
individuals who work hard enough. This deeply flawed discourse  
obscures the racial disparities in employment, education, criminal  
justice, housing, health care, etc. and provides a powerful but  
faulty rationale for leaving our systems and institutions the way  
they are. The issues presented at the Community Change Brown Bag  
Discussion Series are concrete examples of the structural racism that  
affects the lives of all, most acutely communities of color. The 2009  
Series places these issues in their social/historical context and  
gives attendees a truthful discourse, as well as ways to put that  
discourse into action, in order to challenge institutional and  
systemic racism.

Please bring your lunch. Beverages will be provided. $5 contribution  

RSVP (617) 523-0555 or janet at communitychangeinc.org

Community Change, Inc 617-523-0555 www.communitychangeinc.org

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