[act-ma] Bus Service for Blue Hill Ave. Scrutinized, Big CORI Action, and More in Open Media Boston (week of 7/31/09)

Jason Pramas jpramas at igc.org
Sat Aug 1 02:35:55 PDT 2009

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Hi folks! Check out this week's top stories from Open Media Boston:

News: Demonstrators Rally for Iran on Steps of Boston Public Library

News: Supporters of CORI Reform Testify to Joint Committee on Judiciary, March & Rally in Front of MA Statehouse

News: Short On Answers, Long On Empathy: Gov. Patrick Oversees Town Hall Meeting; New Bus Service for Blue Hill Avenue Scrutinized

Editorial: Gov. Patrick's "Readiness Schools" Plan Better Than His Charter School Plan, But Still Problematic

Opinion: A Green Justice Breakthrough in Massachusetts

Opinion: Speaking Truth To Liberals: Medicare is NOT Single-Payer!

Arts: Film Review: "Herb and Dorothy"

Featured Photo: Free Iran

More coming this weekend in our Tech section!

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Jason Pramas
Open Media Boston

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