[act-ma] 8/6: Help Build the Resistance to the G20 Mtg in Pittsburgh; 9/20: National March for Jobs

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*Help Build the Resistance to the G20 Meeting in Pittsburgh*
*Organizers Meeting*
*Thursday, August 6 - 6:30 pm*

*USW L. 8751 - Boston School Bus Drivers*
25 Colgate Rd., Roslindale

*Help Build the National March for Jobs on Sept. 20 

*/Join the discussion with trade unionists, students, youth, & community 
activists and get involved in the struggle to demand:/*

    * *Say NO to Racism - Stand in Solidarity with Prof. Gates!*
    * *No Rate Hikes for National Grid or the MBTA!*
    * *Restore ALL Utilities to Everyone Who Has Been Shutoff!*
    * *Stop Foreclosures and Evictions!*
    * *No Layoffs and Wage Cuts! -- Fight for JOBS and a Livable Wage
      for Everyone!*
    * *Equal Quality Education for All Students -- Stop the Racist
      Re-Segregation of Boston Schools! *
    * *FULL funding for Public Schools, Not Charter Schools!*

There will also be discussion and planning for a local action to 
coincide with the G20 for those who are unable to make the trip.


Bail Out the People Movement - 617.522.6626 or bopmboston at gmail.com 
<mailto:bopmboston at gmail.com>
Women's Fightback Network -- wfn at iacboston.org <mailto:wfn at iacboston.org>


discuss the world economic crisis, the Bail Out the People Movement, a 
coalition of labor, community, religious and student activists from 
across the country, will organize a National March for Jobs in 
Pittsburgh on Sunday, September 20*.  It's time to revive Dr. Martin 
Luther King Jr.s dream of a movement for jobs for all.

Among the thousands that will be marching for jobs in Pittsburgh on 
September 20 will be unemployed auto workers who have lost their jobs, 
young people who face a jobless future, and veterans who have returned 
home only to find themselves jobless and homeless.

The September 20 march before the G-20 Summit will be a dramatic way to 
make sure that the widespread suffering caused by the worst economic 
crisis since the Great Depression will no longer be invisible or silent. 
The jobs march will help remind all governments, especially the United 
States Government, that their first priority must be creating a real 
jobs program of permanent, full-time living wage jobs. 

*On the weekend before the G-20 Summit, activists will erect a Tent City 
dedicated to the unemployed and the poor* next to the Monumental Baptist 
Church (located in the historic African-American Hill section of 
Pittsburgh near the downtown area and the G-20 Summit). The jobs march 
will begin with an afternoon rally at the Tent City followed by a march 
to the David Lawrence Convention Center where the G20 countries will 
meet. The Tent City will stand the entire week of the G-20 summit. 

*"MARCH FOR JOBS" CARAVANS of unemployed people & supporters from across 
the country will converge on Pittsburgh on Sunday September 20 to 
participate in the march and tent city.  Along with the march and tent 
city,  people every where are encouraged to observe the week of the G-20 
Summit, Sept. 19 -25 as a Global Week of Solidarity with the Unemployed.* 

Depression-level unemployment must be recognized as the greatest crisis 
we face. It is simply unacceptable to do nothing about this crisis or to 
maintain that there are no resources to bail out the unemployed when 
trillions are made available to bail out greedy, reckless bankers.

The real jobless rate is 20% and higher in much of the country when the 
unemployed and underemployed people, who are not included in official 
statistics, are accounted for.  Young African Americans have a better 
chance of being incarcerated than they have of finding a job. The 
stimulus bill passed last winter was not enough to make a dent in the 
rising job loss. No matter what happens in the broader economy many jobs 
are not coming back and widespread layoffs are going to continue. 

Yet, the government is under constant pressure from Wall Street to 
ignore the needs of the jobless.  That pressure must no longer be 
one-sided. Martin Luther King Jr. once called the fight for the right to 
a job or a guaranteed income "the second civil rights movement."  King 
dedicated the last year of his life to planning a mass movement for jobs.

King's dream for a jobs movement has to be revived. No doubt, King would 
have known that even a remarkable and historic President like Barack 
Obama cannot do alone what it going to take a movement to do. Delaying a 
movement for jobs will only mean more desperation, coupled with a sense 
of hopelessness. When people in crisis are not fighting for their 
rights, they are more susceptible to blaming themselves or blaming 
others like immigrant workers instead of making demands on the powers 
that be.   

When people stand up for themselves, hopelessness is replaced by 
empowerment, solidarity and dignity. During the depression of the 1930s, 
President Roosevelt once told a labor leader who was asking him to do 
more for working people--"I agree with you, now make me do it."  That 
was good advice 75 years ago; we should heed it today. Marching in 
Pittsburgh before the G-20 is a beginning.

Bail Out The People Movement
bopmboston at gmail.com
<mailto:bopmboston at gmail.com>http://bopm-boston.blogspot.com

*National Office
bailoutpeople at safewebmail.com
<mailto:bailoutpeople at safewebmail.com>http://www.BailOutPeople.org
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