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Close all US detention camps around the world!
The links between the growing U.S. prison population and military detention camps
The administration of U.S. president Barack Obama has said it will close the infamous prison camp at the U.S. naval base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. In recent years that prison has come to be seen as a symbol for the brutal treatment and torture the U.S. rulers dish out to detainees worldwide—many of whom were simply swept up by the U.S. military, FBI, or CIA. The decision to close the Guantánamo prison reflects the political liability it has become for Washington. 
   At the same time the Obama administration insists that the thousands of prisoners from around the world being held at the detention camp at the U.S.-run Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan can be jailed indefinitely without charges and have no right to challenge their detention. 
    An increasing layer of working people in the United States can identify with those in Washington’s prisons abroad as the number of workers behind bars within U.S. borders continues to grow. 
   The U.S. ruling class is trying to set a precedent with its detention practices as they prepare for the class battles they know will come with capitalism’s economic and social crises. This is why working people everywhere should demand that Washington close its prison camps now and end arbitrary detentions! 
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