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Fri Oct 16 14:30:47 PDT 2009

Gonzo political activists Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno aka the Yes Men
will appear at the Coolidge Corner Theatre on Wednesday, October 28 to
introduce a screening of their award-winning documentary The Yes Men Fix the
World and lead Q&A with the audience after the film.  The program starts at
7:00 pm.


The Yes Men Fix the World, which opens at the Coolidge on Friday, October
23, is a hilarious screwball film that tells how the Yes Men, posing as top
executives of giant corporations, manage to get themselves invited to
high-level corporate conferences and media events, where they pull off
outrageous pranks that unmask human rights abuses and global injustice. 

Bichlbaum and Bonanno squeeze raucous comedy out of the many ways that
corporate greed is destroying the planet. In one of their greatest pranks,
the Yes Men, pretending to be spokespeople for Dow Chemical, announce that
Dow will at last take complete responsibility for the thousands of victims
of the 1984 toxic gas disaster at a Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India -
the largest industrial accident in history. Their mea culpa creates a media
sensation that embarrasses the powers at Dow, which bought Union Carbide in
2001. Impersonating Exxon spokesmen at an energy conference in Canada, the
Yes Men pass out candles made of Vivoleum, a new, foul-smelling biofuel
supposedly made from climate change victims. And outfitted in their wacky
SurvivaBall getups (huge inflatable orbs "designed to protect the corporate
manager no matter what Mother Nature throws his or her way"), the Yes Men
address a room full of insurance representatives. The straight-laced execs
don't think there is anything ironic about going to insane lengths to assure
one's personal safety in the event of any and all calamities, and line up to
take the Yes Men's fake business cards.

Borat meets Michael Moore in this gut-busting wake-up call that proves a
little imagination can go a long way towards vanquishing the Cult of Greed.
Who knew fixing the world could be so much fun?

Tickets to the October 28 presentation of The Yes Men Fix the World with
Bichlbaum and Bonanno, and other screenings of the film at the Coolidge, are
available online at www.coolidge.org or at the Coolidge box office, located
at 290 Harvard Street in Brookline. For more information, visit the web site
or call 617/734-2500.

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