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for folks in and around Boston looking to register, and for group transportation or cheap housing in NYC for the weekend, 
please as soon as possible email contact at bostonsocialism.org 

Crisis and Resistance: The Shape of Struggle in a New Era
Saturday, October 25th at 8PM
Columbia University
International Affairs Building – Altschul Auditorium
(enter at 117th & Amsterdam)

Mike Filippou, Striker and Union Leader at Stella D’oro Factory in the Bronx 
Josetta Harris, NY Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense
Ajamu Sankofa, Private Health Insurance Must Go Coalition
Jeremy Scahill, Independent Journalist and Author of “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army”
Keeanga Yamahta-Taylor, Steering Committee of the National Equality March and Member of the International Socialist Organization

Nearly a year ago, Obama was elected on a tidal wave of anger –
ushering in the beginning of a new era characterized by a rejection of
the right-wing dominance of the past 30 years and a renewed sense of
hope and expectations.  11 months into the new administration, Obama
has backtracked or failed to put up a fight on almost every significant
issue that people are looking for change on.  The conservative right
has used this opportunity to put forward their ideas.  However,
millions of people are still looking for progressive change.  And we
are beginning to see signs of the kind of struggle it would take to win
that change – most spectacularly in the 200,000 person demonstration
for LGBT equality on October 11th.  This panel will feature activists
from a range of the new struggles being built today talking about what
we need to fight for and what it will take to win.

This panel is the Saturday night plenary for the Northeast Socialist Conference, taking place at Columbia University all weekend – October 23-25.  For more information and a full schedule and list of speakers – and to register – see www.northeastsocialistconference.net.

More about the Northeast Socialist Conference:
Crisis and Resistance: Building a Socialist Alternative
Northeast Socialist Conference
October 23-25, 2009
New York City
Columbia University

Capitalism isn’t working.  Socialism is the alternative: a world based on human
need rather than profit and controlled by the vast majority rather than
a tiny rich minority.  But to win this world, we need struggle and
action by our side.  Every year hundreds of activists and socialists
gather at the Northeast Socialist Conference to debate and discuss the
struggles before us as well as an analysis of the urgent problems we
face and a vision for a different future.  With the free-market
consensus in tatters and an open debate beginning about how best to
organize our society, these discussions are more vital than ever.  

Discussions will include reports and strategizing from today’s
front-line battles.  There will also be workshops on the history of
radical labor and socialist movements; alternatives to capitalism; US imperialism and solidarity movements around the world.

With nearly 50 workshops to choose from, these are just some of the topics that will be featured:
*The New Movement for LGBT Equality*Sports and Sexuality: Fighting for a Level Playing Field*The Global Food Crisis*Where is the Economy Headed?*Guantanamo at Home*Resistance and Solidarity: Eyewitness from Gaza*Poor People’s Movements*A People’s Guide to the Healthcare Debate*What Would Socialism Look Like?*Social Unionism: Putting the Movement Back in the Labor Movement*Hubert Harrison: Voice of Harlem Radicalism*What Would a Sustainable Society Look Like?*Occupation Rebranded: US Imperialism in the Obama Era*Reform and Revolution*Malcolm X*What a Sustainable Society Could Look Like*Racism, Sentencing and the Prison
>> System*The Assault on Abortion Rights*Another Brick in the Wall: Education under Capitalism vs Socialism*The Russian Revolution and Its Significance Today*Media as Weapon: Speaking Truth to Power*Report-Back from Honduras*Student Struggle and the Fight for Socialism*The Communist Women’s Movement in the Comintern Era*The History of the ISO and dozens more
>>For a full list of speakers and workshops, and to register, see our website at:  www.northeastsocialistconference.net <http://mail.google.com/www.northeastsocialistconference.net/> 
For more info, contact nyciso at gmail.com <x-msg://261/nyciso@gmail.com> or 646-452-8662
Invite your friends, rsvp and get updates at our facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=125741090798&ref=mf 

Registration: $20 weekend; $15 low-income/student; $10 single day
Registration online, through a local ISO branch or at the conference

Full schedule:
Friday, October 23rd
8pm:  A Woman Among Warlords: Eyewitness to Empire with Malalai Joya
Event Location: Columbia University, International Affairs Building,
Room 417 (Altschul Auditorium) - entrance at 117th & Amsterdam
you can register for the entire conference here or just for a single
day; registration will also be available throughout the weekend (see

Saturday, October 24th
9am:  Registration at Columbia University, Lerner Hall – 115th & Broadway (1 to 116th Street) - registration will be available all weekend in Lerner

10:00am:  Morning Plenary:  Capitalism Isn’t Working – The Case for Socialism with Alan Maass, editor of Socialist Worker and socialistworker.org <http://mail.google.com/socialistworker.org/> 

Noon – 1:30pm:  Workshop Session 1

1:30 – 2:30pm:  Lunch

2:30 – 4pm:  Workshop Session 2

4:30 – 6pm:  Workshop Session 3

6-8pm:  Dinner

6:15 – 7:30pm:  Special Dinner Session – Introduction to the ISO

8pm:  Evening Plenary:  Crisis and Resistance 

10pm:  Party

Sunday, October 25th
10 – 11:30am:  Workshop Session 4

11:30 – 1pm:  Lunch

1 – 2:30pm:  Workshop Session 5

3 – 4:30pm:  Workshop Session 6

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