[act-ma] Oct 29, 30 (Thur/Friday): Prof. Joel Kovel, "Overcoming Zionism"

Amy Hendrickson amyh at texnology.com
Sat Oct 24 17:33:43 PDT 2009

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Prof. Joel Kovel, author of 
Overcoming Zionism
Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine

Speaking this week:

Thur October 29
Harvard Law School, Pound 335  
Sponsored by Justice for Palestine, a Harvard Law School Student Organization

E5 in Chinatown 
(fifth floor of 33 Harrison Ave - 
near the Downtown Crossing subway)

E5 Forum is very comfortable with having as few as five and as many as
 fifty people at an event. The point of the event is not the numbers
 but, in the spirit of the Social Forum process, building productive
 social relationships across political and thematic differences - hence
 the comfort with a small audience. After the event - at around 9pm -
 we usually all go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant. 

Friday October 30
MIT, Room 4-337  
Sponsored by MIT Student Group Palestine at MIT, pal_exec at mit.edu 
For more information: Bostonians for One Democratic State, 617 738-8029 peace at texnology.com

[You'll find Prof Kovel a deeply humane thinker, who brings his background as a psychoanalyst to
an understanding of the bad conscience and moral dilemmas brought by the Zionist project. 
As a result of his understanding, and his support for Universalist values, he supports the solution 
that many feel is the most likely to build a lasting peace in the Middle East: One Democratic State with equal rights for all.

Taking this stand has taken bravery and a personal toll: First the attempt by U Michigan Press press to suppress the distribution of his book (which was rescinded after widespread support for his book and press freedom by the academic
community at large), and more recently with his firing from Bard College.

I hope you'll come to one of these events to support Prof. Kovel and to enjoy his wisdom.

(Dinner with booksigning and conversation after the MIT talk is planned. Please let me
know if you would like to attend. rsvp: amyh at texnology.com)
-- Amy Hendrickson]


'This book is absolutely fundamental for those who reject the unfortunate confusion between Jews, Judaism, Zionism and the State of Israel -- a confusion which is the basis for systematic manipulation by the imperialist power system. It convincingly argues in favour of a single secular state for Israelis and Palestinians as the only democratic solution for the region.' Samir Amin, Director of the Third World Forum http://www.amazon.com/Overcoming-Zionism-Creating-Democratic-Palestine/d...

Kovel demonstrates that the Zionist project has been from its outset a colonial one, and thus an aberration from the traditions
of respect for human rights, including those of Judaism itself. The primary conclusion he draws is that the road to peace is
the dismantling of Zionist ideology as a whole and putting in its place a construct based on Universal human rights.

















Lecture (video) by Joel Kovel, "OVERCOMING ZIONISM"


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